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A major update of Lumberwhack is now available for both ‪iOS‬ and ‪Android‬! In this action-packed strategy game you help Koko Kornelius, the mad and brave monkey to defend the wildlife from vicious tree-cutters! Team up a wide variety of fierce animals and create the ultimate wall of defense!

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A major update for the action-packed castle defense game Lumberwhack:Defend the Wild is now available for both ‪iOS‬ and ‪Android‬! You can read more about the changes and improvements further below.

“Terrific fun...makes the time pass quickly” —148App
“Most fun castle defense games I've played” —Touch
*Featured on the App Store as a sure winner in Tower Defense Games!*

Get it for free on iOS:
Get it for free on Android:

Lumberwhack is an one-man project. Please show support (like/share) and email any feedback, thanks!

The update includes a lot of improvements that I hope will make the game even more enjoyable for everyone. A summary can be seen below.

Update Version 3.3.2
- New automatic collect food system, more focus on fighting.
- New Gallery section, view all your animals, skills, enemies and game progress.
- New Daily Bonus with rewards!
- New In-game Achievements with rewards!
- New attack types for animals and lumberjacks (knockback, bleed, stun etc.)
- New visual fighting effects.
- New Stage Bonus with lucky draw reward after each stage!
- New and more detailed tutorial.
- New Intro movie, staring Koko and the vicious lumberjacks.
- New zoom & pan button, get a better overview of the battlefield.
- The lumber truck at the end of each stage can now move closer and attack, destroy it to gain victory!.
- Old Inventroy Items are now Power Ups or Consumable.
- Enemies on Endless Mode now drop Power Ups, Consumable and Leafs.
- You can now tap on dropped items to directly pick them up.
- Improved all animals Epic Skills to be more useful and powerful.
- Unlock Pathfinder to discover the location of rewards on the map.
- You can now ask your Facebook friends for free Leafs!
- Leafs can now be bought with Acorns.
- Removed Upgrade Reset (Acorn refunded)
- Replaced Permanent Magnet with Teleport.
- General difficulty and level balance.
- Max animal and skill level increased.
- Changed the location of animals & skills on the map for better team setup and game progress.
- And much more…

Read more about Lumberwhack at Koloss Interactive development blog.

RayThunder - - 9 comments

What a waste to have such a talented art team completely rip off another games style. I'm sure you could have created something incredible yourselves.

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kolossinteractive Author
kolossinteractive - - 2 comments

Hi RayThunder,

Lumberwhack is a one-man project started 2011, all art and devlopment done myself. What do you accuse being ripped off exactly, and from what? Or are you just trolling?

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Guest - - 692,678 comments

Oh, come on dude. Like you don't see the similarities between this and Kingdom Rush.

Nice looking game though :)

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kolossinteractive Author
kolossinteractive - - 2 comments

Similarities in the UI, sure, or what I would call inspiration. But that's something else than a "completely rip off a game style" as the OP wrote.

Is OP's own game "Hopping Penguin" then a total rip off of Super Mario? Or any of the other hundred similar Pengiun games with cute cartoon graphic that Google returns?

I would say no, and I wish them best of luck, why? Because most all games, movies or any art has similarities or is inspired by something they personally like.

The reason it's noticed in this case is because the inspiration source itself is perhaps quite unique and uncommon. But if something looks similar to thousand other games, no one would comment.

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