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Steadfast and ready for battle, the Österreicher have arrived to Holdfast!

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The long awaited Austrians finally arrive! Ram your shot and prepare for battle, the Austrian nation marches into Holdfast with this major update release. These dashing fellows in white are the latest addition to the Napoleonic front of the game and feature unique uniforms, voice lines and music to accompany them.

Before grabbing your musket and heading to the front, take a moment to watch the release trailer below and take a dive into the rest of this blog post to find out what else is coming and meet the latest fellow joining us on the battlefield… Nick ‘Wobblebang’ Claus.

Austria When? Austria Now

The Österreicher marches onto the field of battle in this major update. Featuring unique uniforms, voice lines, music and of course very splendid headwear, the Austrians will certainly make an impression on the battlefield and leave their mark.

These fine chaps in their glorious white are now available to play across all Holdfast Nations At War servers. So hop on Holdfast to enlist and fight for the Kaiser.

Nick 'Wobblebang' Claus!

After the antics of Fred during the dark Halloween nights we have been sent the ‘gift’ of none other than Nick ‘Wobblebang’ Claus who has come to cleanse the land of Fred's minion’s evil doing during this most festive season. Good ol’ Nick has brought with him not only his unwavering festive spirit but he has even kindly placed some presents for us all under the Christmas trees.

Unfortunately for us however, someones been letting him at the whisky again… so don’t expect much from him as he can be a little explosive at times.

Players are able to select the Nick ‘Wobblebang’ Claus head for a limited time throughout this festive update, allowing them to spread Christmas joy the only way Mr Wobblebang knows how. Our good fellow is doing his best!

Hills of Tyrol

Accompanying Nick and the Austrians will be a new battlefield for the games Napoleonic front. Inspired by the western Austrian state of Tyrol this small country town sits quietly beside a still lake making it the perfect place for a spot of fishing or in the case of Holdfast, some good old fashioned volleys of powder and shot.

The Hills of Tyrol is now playable across all Nations At War servers.

A Christmas Gift

All of the available Nations At War DLCs have been updated! Following this release, owners of the game's Napoleonic uniform DLCs will be treated with a free upgrade to the DLC that will introduce additional uniforms from both Italy and Austria to the various packs.

This upgrade to the game's DLCs will also apply automatically to players who newly purchase them. All of Holdfast’s DLC will be on sale for the duration of the Steam Winter sale. Feel free to pick up some additional uniforms for your classes during this holiday season!

Join Us

Don't forget to join Discord for everything Holdfast! Partake in community-hosted events, enlist in a clan more widely known as regiments amongst the community, discuss the game and beyond or even chat with us, the game's developers. We'd love to hear about your recent escapades and your thoughts about the game.

Changelog 85 - Game Version 2.11.8388.27593

● 9 new features and improvements.
● 8 DLC additions.
● 50 additions and fixes to the Holdfast SDK.
● 1 quality of life addition.
● 2 graphical upgrades.
● 7 bug fixes.
● 1 optimisation.

Click here for the full change log.

We look forward to another groundbreaking year for Holdfast in 2023! There’s a whole lot more in store for Holdfast and beyond.

A special thanks to the following community members for their assistance in making this happen - CharlesEJesus, Cheekyfox, Denizen, Charles, ApexPhantom, NitroPunch, Delta, Binghampton, Davide, Mr Dario, Ed, Mattr and all those that joined us in our testing.

Thank you for your support and until next time, may good health be yours.

- Anvil Game Studios

Refleax, Rycon, Dreas, Wrexial, Walki, Jackson, Rejenorst, Harper, Storey, UberJuice, Stan, Headbusta, Gest & Winston (The Cat).

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