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Major Update 3 is uploaded and awaiting authorisation, it will be available in a very short time.

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Major Update 3 introduces a lot of new additions to Vector Prime. I will try to list a few here:
- New nebulae, asteroid fields and mineable asteroids (use the random map generator in the launcher to build maps with these)
- Improved random map generator - doesn't stack up players in one system so bad as before
- Revamped spy system:
Propaganda can now be performed by level 1 spies as well to make up for the lack of laser kill-off, enabling you to conquer planets early as well.
Agents: Galactic Civil War Era+Fighters&Bombers+Spy Technologies; they are not stealthy, but allow for early access to spies. They fly a typical fighter, they can attack targets and perform spying tasks as well; nevertheless, they lack the skills of your average fighter pilot.
Spy: Spy ship+Cloaking Device; the cloaking device tech can be accessed under advanced equipment. They fly a lambda class shuttle and have a cloaking device mounted.

- New Main Menu level
- Modified User Interface
- Revamped heroes
- Space Tugs repair damage and collect junk :-)
- Improved AI (could still need adjustment, though)
- Satellite Probes: they are no longer invisible and can be attacked. After you research the cloaking device the invisible spy probe also becomes available.
- 2 new space backgrounds
- Adjusted some minor details... like weapon refire rate
- New ship models courtesy of the FREEWORLDS DEVELOPMENT TEAM. Major thanks to project leader Sushi for allowing us to use their models to replace the old TSH ones.
--> Gallofree Yards Medium Transport (Colony&PopTransport Ship)
--> Lambda Class Shuttle (Spy)
--> Space Tug (utility drone)
--> Luxury Yacht 3000 (diplomat)
And more to come later.



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more improvements coming in MU4, but that's still some time away.

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