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Changes that I have done to the original game. Most of them, anyway.

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Compatible with Battle Realms and with WOTW

>>>Install Instructions:Copy the files from "Install Mod" and paste them in battle realms, replacing the old ones.
>>>Uninstall Instructions:Copy the files from "Uninstall Mod" and paste them in battle realms, replacing the old ones.

>>>Global Changes:

Maximum towers increased (4=>6)

All units have new stats.

Many powers have been changed.

Most missile units have 15% critical chance.

Most melee units have 35% shield chance (missile evasion & armor bonus).

Disabled many "charges" of a skill.

Monks have regenerate 15% HP instantly when using their power.

Ninja have 25% critical chance.

When Samurai/Ronin die, their spirit will fight on.

Necromancer and WildEye can summon 5 units instead of 3.

Population Small (30) Medium (40) Large (50).

Better AI (from modding mostly).

Stuns reduce missile evasion and disable health and stamina regeneration. Some reduce armor as well.

Changed Rice and Water collected values and how much the horse collects.

Increased Stamina and Mana regeneration.

Peasant Spawn is slower at beginning, but faster at the end, compared with vanilla game. (15 instead of 8 and 75 instead of 150)

Heroes regenerate slow (450 seconds). Take care of your heroes!


>>>Main Changes at Clans:



Swordsman: Glass Sword deals 3 critical hits.

Crossbowman: Phosphorus Bolts increase range and damage, decrease attack speed. (heavy crossbow)

Sniper: Can move with sniper on.

Bandit: Stealth gives him armor and missile evasion. Paralysing bolts decrease enemy armor.

Raider: Brush Fire auto-activates when hit by melee, dealing damage to the attacker.

Canoneer: Fixed smoke bombs bug.

Ronin: Blood Bond is 40%-40% so you can use it on another ronin and will act as armor. Increased buffs and debuffs when Ronin dies.

Utara: slows down enemy that hits her (melee) and decreases enemy armor, as well as increasing very little (10%) her own armor.

Budo: Drains enemy tower energy to heal allies. Very tanky.


Spearman: Whirlwind Spear costs less mana to use, but deals smaller damage.

Archer: Zen Arrows deal magical damage.

Chemist: Manadrake Spores decrease enemy attack with 50%

Dragon Warrior: He can attack and move with Chi Shield on. Flaming Sword is permanent as long as it is activated.

Samurai: Dragon Armor gives missile evasion and bonus armor. Yang sword makes samurai attacks slower but deals more damage.

Geisha: Sacrifice is auto-used when she dies. Fire Shield is permanent (increases her armor).

Arah: Very fast attack speed when using skill.

Garin: Chi Shield. Very effective to PVP enemy heroes, as Zymeth.


Brawler: Has 1 extremely powerful critical hit that requires a lot of energy.

Druidess: Has 10 charges, but cost a lot.

Werewulf: Has small life, but also vampirism.

Shale Lord: buffs allies armor (AOE).

Gaila: Gives 3 Auto-heals to buffed soldiers, that activate each time they are hit.


Blade Acolyte: Receives 5 auto-heals (50% HP) from Brothers.

Staff Adept: Using his skill drains his HP.Leaf Disciple: Stunns hit enemy.

Unclean One: Skull stops enemy regeneration and decreases their armor (10%).

Warlock: When warlock dies, it has 35% chance to become a master warlock.

2 Warlock in Warlock's Tower => Super Unit (takes a very long time to train).

Master Warlock & Secret Unit: (Walk) Speed. Armour (Flaming) (- Missile Attack, - Magic Armor, + Other Armors, + Missile Avoidance). Ressurect.

Brothers: Great Warriors, can be healed and regenerate their HP. They have 10 Charges for skills.

Yivane: Her Power is an AOE that can be targeted at a selected place.

Increased Infested One's radius (4 => 5) and explosion damage when he dies.

Increased Mauler's skill damage.

Tower armor is 3x weaker vs fire and explosions.Improved Ai.

Rain is 2x longer.Critical hit damage increased.


And other changes, like weapon attack, range, building stats, etc.

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