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This is the article about race, who left all worlds to other parts of universe. They are disappeared race, but they were almost Gods. Soon Earth Alliance found their legacy.

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H`Shangaara Race and their legacy

This race was disappeared long time ago. When humans started to make their ways to worlds colonization, they found many ancient temples in other worlds. Human scientists started to explore alien technologies and also find new ways to improve own modernizations.

Earth Alliance started to use H`Shangaara technologies in their own targets. First, who let scientists to build machines in alien technologies, was president Isaac Winsler. In XXIV century humans officially started to use H`Shangaara legacy in the military power. Standard human technologies went to past and human race never returned to them. H`Shangaara legacy started to be part of humans technologies. Humans built more improved space fleet and completely modernized all weapon systems. Also there were created more powerful computers, which have telepathic system of controls. H`Shangaara language was almost like humans (sanskrit) language, and people didn`t have difficulties with translations. President Winsler decided to give his agreement for Explore Corporations about using alien legacy in their work.

Question about H`Shangaara origins is very difficult. In mighty temples and pyramides, which were found in other worlds, people saw many pictures and murals. Also human scientists found ancient books and decoded all content. H`Shangaara race was almost like humans, because they had the same bodies. But they were more higher and more beautiful. All of them had third eye in their foreheads. They combined technologies with sorcery power and they many thousand years ago almost ruled the universe. Also humans found documents, where H`Shangaara telling about their neighbours from other races - Ensai, Mah`Di`Lim and mightiest Solar, who can eat energy from the stars. Many new knowledge was found by humans in the H`Shangaara documents and books. It makes human race more powerful then in old times.

But there was also the strange thing. H`Shangaara documents didn`t tell humans about Yotuns. Humans know, that Yotuns - is the most horrible and powerful threat for all universe life now. H`Shangaara race didn`t say anything about Yotuns or something like that. Some human scientists thinking even now, that H`Shangaara or their neighbors can fall to dark magic and perhaps, Yotuns can be their descendants. But its only theory and this kind of theories now is really have big number. There is no one proof, that H`Shangaara can be Yotuns. Maybe ancient races simply didn`t know about Yotuns. But many humans scientists believe that H`Shangaara can be creators of human race. This theory is quite popular in Academy congresses.



I just love ancient distinged races :3 It always makes my Sci-Fy heart go 180! I also love that it could be possible that the H´Shangaaras could the Yotuns. I defenetly need to know more :D

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BagaturKhan Author

Maybe H'Shangaara are really Yotuns. But its can be worse for humans, because H'Shangaara created humans many billion years ago.

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very intriguing indeed

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