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This article is mostly about the main game mechanics.

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Here is the scrennshot of the main menu of the game

The whole aim of the game is to go through waves of enemies( like in the "Space Invaders"),reach the *final boss* and obviosly destroy him. The interesting point is - that no one knows when the boss will appear and after which wave of enemies. Take a look at the left bottom corner of the screenshot - there is the formula panel with digit (in percents) which determines the probability of the appearing of that *final boss*. To increase the chance of boss appearing you should complete the task below. You can see there: "+0.2% -after reaching wave 31".

NOTE: there are many tasks that will increase the probability after completing them. And these tasks will be changing randomly after every your death. (Please leave a comment about this idea, is it OK or not?)

You also can see the panel with "Buy" label and some strange image - it is the second most important feature in the game. It is the beacon. It works like a game save, or a checkpoint if you like. So you are buying the beacon and then in game when you are passing another wave you may activate it and after your death you will continue from the saved wave. It is the simple mechanic but it brings to the game the feeling of flow.

The right panel contains HP points and Damage points of your ship. Of course you may upgrade your ship because enemie ships become more advanced with each wave. Upgrading the ship and buying beacons cost in-game currency - the Crystalis.(don't worry there will be no transactions, the game will be totally free)
You gain the Crystalis(amount shows at the left top corner) when you destroy enemy ships and when you just picking it in space, just like in the every arcade game.

So that's all for now. Thank you for your attention! And sorry for any mistakes - it is 02:00 and English is not my native language, so...just sorry)

P.S Here is the gif from the latest build which demonstrates the transition between the main menu and the game level.


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