These are the main features that the plan to put into the game.Please give us feed back what you think about these features.Thnx

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Indier Pirates: The Game MAIN GAME FEATURES:

- Over 7 gameplay modes (including multiplayer modes in future)
- Intuitive and innovative User Interface(UI) with animated elements
- Exponential(non-linear) ranking system with appropriate naming and XP leveling
- Extra ranking levels(that work like achievements system)
- Crew ranking and XP system
- Specialist crew members like surgeons, carpenters, blacksmith or fishermen with their own XP system(upgradable specialist slots)
- 4 ship categories and over 50 ship types (with DLC)
- 4 island types (for now) with innovative defense systems never seen before in pirate games
- Over 30 custom made and completely unique islands
- 7 nations including English, Spanish, French and Pirates(pirates are special because there will be more groups of pirates and privateers)
- Player can also create his own `nation` which will be set as a new pirate faction
- Over 20 abilities/upgrades for the player
- Over 20 resource types, where some such as ammo, food and fish have their own subtypes
- Contraband system and dynamic economic system
- Innovative fishing system (deployable fishing boats and fishing nets)
- Innovative `spying` techniques (enemy ship visibility system, various spying and communication methods like sending the pigeon to communicate and `sixth sense` ability for the captain and so on)
- Interactive boarding system with a lot variables that make boarding much more interesting (maybe we will also later add some RPG elements into boarding)
- Weather system (dynamic and static, based on gameplay types) that affect the in-game objects performance
- A lot (really), a lot extra content with some surprise stuff…
- Possibly as DLC or in the 2.0 version of the game: multiplayer version, multiplatform(including mobile and maybe other platforms), storyline based campaign with a lot of twists, capture and fully control the islands, crafting system for ships and ships elements(cannons and hull and sails) and also for land objects(buildings, farms etc), land battles, and much more.
SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: The trailer for the game, currently under development, over 10 people are working on it, all we can say is that it will be massive and similar quality and fidelity such as modern AAA game trailers!

Ranking system(not yet final):
• 0-1000 Fisherman … no lower rank :D :P
• 1000-2200 Seaman
• 2200-3600 Leading seaman
• 3600-6000 Petty officer
• 6000-9300 Warrant officer
• 9300-12500 Midshipman
• 12500-17000 Ensign
• 17000-22000 Sub-lieutenant
• 22000-27100 Lieutenant
• 27100-33000 Lieutenant commander
• 33000-50500 Commander
• 50500-81000 Captain
• 81000-110000 Commodore
• 110000-132600 Admiral
• 132600-250000 Admiral of the fleet


Very cool ideas but, will there be like a single player free roam like thing. That would be awesome sinking pirates, being a pirate, joining a nation and exploring the ocean.I hope you add that in but, no matter what if this game is released ill get it for sure.

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WildBeautySoftware Author

yes, absolutely! I personally do love this kind of game. It won't be just missions, but IMO we can do something more! ;) pirates are always pirates! -Andrea

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WildBeautySoftware Author

Yes definitely, that is the main idea behind this game... for now these are the things that we will put into the game, but later after your feedback we will get more things and more improvements. Please visit out main page on fb (Wild beauty software) and check out new cool stuff.-robi

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