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Here you are another race of my New Canon universe. This race can be the most big threat for the all life forms.

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Mahdi`lim Race

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(Race from the Hyperborean Period of my universe)

Mahdi`Lim race creatures were representatives of the Sovi`lar Race. Many wizards and scientists thinking that Sovi`lar collective was completely destroyed by Cerberum invasion, but its a biggest mistake. Only part of the Sovi`Lar race collective was destroyed by themselves because of Devils fleet invasion. Other part of their collective changed the mind position and went to another leader, mighty H`Shangaara God with name of Orlick The Snakelord. Orlick built another empire with help of Sovi`lars. Reborned Sovi`Lar civilization created another culture in the Far-Far worlds. Now they started to be called as Mahdi`Lims or Voids, explorers of Modernization and Transformation. Orlick was God-Creator for all of their race. They improved technologies and build new fleets. Mahdi`Lim armies were cruel and unbroken. Their battle spirit was strong and powerful. New civilization woke up from the terrible dream.

Now.... They are coming.... They are coming to build a New World in this universe.

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I like the picture^^

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