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I finally bring to the table some decent work, in the gallery , and in the video gallery, feeling like I have raised the bar slightly I now ask an important question to you all.

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So, hey everyone...

Question for you all, an important one at that, I had along thing about how the project could turn out, time constraints included and such, and suddenly , I managed to get the animation working ingame, with particle effects and such, you can check it out in the gallery section....

My question for you is... Machinima or not to Machinima? , for those who don`t know , its a form of film making where you film in a game engine , add a narative and voices to those that normally don`t have any, essentially its acting out stuff in a game.

Reason I ask this , is because of time constraints, and Unreal being annoying when it comes to getting certain things set up in engine, it just takes way too much time, and at the moment with my personal stuff always interfering I am afraid I don`t have time as a luxary, thus I am working to time constraints to try and get anything done and looking decent for you all to enjoy.

Just think this one over, comment if you want and leave feed back, and make sure you watch the video.



I think at this point, no. Simply to direct attention on the game's primary elements. The game is already very unique in comparison to anything competing with it on the PC or even on consoles besides Armoured Core itself which is the muse of this project. For that reason good implementation of those features does put it leaps and bounds ahead of everything else. Integrating good voices into a game is difficult to achieve without enough resources to do so. I think for you, doing this all or for the most part on your own, would pose obstacle that does not even need to be approached. At least not at this point. In the end I think you answered the question yourself, I quote: "I don`t have time as a luxary" This being the case, I see keep attention where it is due for the moment. Should time permit it would be a lovely addition the list of good things going for your project. Ohh but I do love a good story and writing them too *hint hint*

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