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No better way to spend the holidays than brainstorming for horrific things to add to the building land !

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Happy holiday to all !

For holiday season we were supposed to take a short break, but we seem to be unable to stop thinking about the game ! We're mostly brainstorming about non-core gameplay stuff, like the field: MachiaVillain starts with a sizeable ground to freely build your evil mansion, but we'd like to add some random elements to the (until now) blank field to keep the beginning of the game a bit "fresh".

So far we're considering:

- cemetery: source of ghost/spirit energy

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- regular forest/evil forest : good to harvest evil wood to build traps... or maybe just to get twigs, because you know the visitors will find a way to trip on them XD
Forests could also randomly hide special monsters (Chupacabra, Wendigo, ...). They could be foe (steal/scare your prey away) and/or be convinced to join your party.

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- road: the map may have 1 to 3 maybe ? More roads means victims will have an easy access to the mansion (I always feel a bit psycho when I write "victims" XD), but on the down side, so will monster hunters later in the game.

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Anyway nothing is decided yet, suggestions are more than welcomed if you have any :)

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I love idea and style also I will track this game keep it up :)

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zimra Author

Thank you for your support islat ! it's very motivating :)

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