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We bring you a small update to the MacenWolf executable and two new, quirky mods. Have fun!

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Greetings! Here are some significant news related to MacenWolf.

First of all, we're bringing you version 1.01. This version fixes a rare bug related to pushwalls that could negatively impact the player experience in certain maps, potentially even make them unfinishable. Simon's Oldies was affected, so be sure to download this before playing said mod.

MacenWolf 1 01

Moving on! You get two new mods to play: Pussenbootzenstein Demo by Clubey and Death Row by an unknown author. They're funney mods, incomplete and quirky, but I decided to also show you the darker side of the Mac Wolfenstein modding scene along with the usual Astrosteins and so on. So what do we have on the menu?

Pussenbootzenstein is a scenario by Clubey, in fact a demo of a project he never quite got around to finishing. Inspired by European tales of walking cats and some Japanese short stories and poetry, Clubey replaced guards with anthropomorphic cats and put the player through four maps of densely packed feline slaughter. Other features, like (presumably) new walls, sounds, or a storyline, never came to be.

See the included original readme for more details.

Full credit goes to Clubey as the creator of this mod.




Death Row is a mapset by an unknown author, with no documentation attached. It implies some sort of very morbid, grim scenario. It's also completely broken. Play at your own risk.

Multiple pushwalls had to be introduced and door orientation fixed for the set to be even remotely completeable. Fun, I know.

Ownership unknown and I'm not sure if anyone would want to own up.

Death Row



And lastly, I have finally decided to provide ModDB mirrors for Spear of Longinus and Simon's Oldies. Enjoy!

Spear of Longinus

The Spear of Longinus

Simon's Oldies

Simon's Oldies

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