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The Macedonians are strong all around, with their major weakness being early game infantry. At city phase they can choose one of three successor dynasties for different bonuses.

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  • Macedonian Pikeman (bonused versus cavalry)
  • Macedonian Skirmisher (can hide during the night)
  • Macedonian Archer
  • Macedonian Hypaspist (fast heavy swordsman - champion unit)


  • Macedonian Prodromos (cavalry skirmisher)
  • Macedonian Thessalian Lancer (heavy cavalry)
  • Macedonian Hetairos (heavy cavalry, has command aura - champion unit)
  • Macedonian War Elephant (has battlefield horror, can run amok - champion unit)


  • Macedonian Villager
  • Macedonian Priest


  • Macedonian Battering Ram
  • Macedonian Ballista


  • Civ Center

    • Trains: Macedonian Villager
    • Techs: Town Phase (2 tiers, phase up), Loom
      (Villager, hit points)
    • Other: New ones can only be upgraded from colonies, which are only buildable on capturable settlements. Garrison Workers.
  • Farm

    • Trains: Sheep, Chicken
  • Watch Tower

    • Techs: Guard Tower (Watch Tower, enables attack/hit
      points), Carrier Pigeons (tower, line of sight), Town Watch (2 tiers,
      structure, line of sight)
    • Other: Detects hidden units, Upgrades to Ballista Tower with a stronger siege attack. Upgrades to Lighthouse (Ptolemaics only).
  • Storehouse

    • Techs: Improved Mining (3 tiers), Improved Lumber
      Harvesting (3 tiers), Improved Construction (3 tiers), Handcart (2
      tiers, Villager speed)
    • Other: Lumber dropsite
  • Barracks

    • Trains: Macedonian Pikeman, Macedonian Skirmisher
    • Techs: Phalanx Reforms (Pikeman, armor, Antigonids only), Peltasts (2 tiers, Skirmisher, hit points), Pike/Guerrilla/Offensive Core Infantry (choice tech)
  • Archery Range
    • Trains: Macedonian Archer, Macedonian Ballista
    • Techs: Marksmanship (Archer damage), Fire Arrows (Archer/Structure/Ship extra damage vs Structures/Ships/Siege), Composite Bow (Archer, range)
  • Forge

    • Techs: Weapon Forging (3 tiers, melee damage),
      Missile Forging (3 tiers, ranged damage), Armorcrafting (3 tiers, heavy
      armor), Leatherworking (3 tiers, light armor), Footwear (infantry
  • Temple
    • Trains: Priest
    • Techs: Faith (Priest, hit points), Brainwash (Priest, conversion) Afterlife (Organic unit, attack rate)
  • Market

    • Trains: Horse (needed to build Stables), Elephant (needed to build Elephant Stables),
    • Techs: Coinage (periodic income per ally)
    • Other: Exchange Resources
  • Stables

    • Trains: Macedonian Prodromos, Macedonian Thessalian Lancer
    • Techs: Tarantines (Prodromos, armor), Xyston (Heavy Cavalry, damage), Heavy/Swift Horses (choice tech, hit points or speed)
  • Elephant Stables
    • Trains: Macedonian War Elephant
    • Techs: Hell's Bells (War Elephant, improved horror), Tusk Blades (War Elephant, damage), Armored Elephants (War Elephant, armor, Seleucids only)
  • Fortress

    • Trains: Macedonian Battering Ram, Macedonian Hetairos (requires stables), Macedonian Hypaspist
    • Techs: Draft Horses (Siege, speed), Reinforced Ramheads (Ram, damage), Hellenic Catafracts (Hetairos, armor but reduced speed, Seleucids only), Silver Shields (Pikeman and Hypaspist, damage, Seleucids only)
  • Monument
    • Other: has command aura
  • Academy
    • Techs:
      Engineering (Ballista and Ballista Tower, range/hit points), Ballistics (Ballista and Ballista Tower, less random damage), Medicine (Organic Units, regeneration)
    • Dynasty Choice:
      • Antigonid Dynasty: Unlocks the Phalanx Reforms Tech.Engineering/Draft Horses/Reinforced Ramheads become researched for free if they are not researched already.
      • Seleucid Dynasty: Unlocks the Silver Shields, Hellenic Catafracts and Armored Elephants Techs. Composite Bow becomes researched for free if not researched already.
      • Ptolemaic Dynasty: Allowsthe construction of Lighthouses which grant extensive line of sight even during the night and naval bonuses. Engineering/Medicine and Temple upgrades become researched for free if they are not researched already.


  • Cavalry +1 damage per second.
  • Skirmishers +10% speed and hit points
  • No village phase melee infantry but, starting from Town Phase, if bellow the pop cap, each Barracks built will spawn 3 pikemen.
  • Choice between three different successor dynasties, each one with unique benefits.


  • Infantry: Very Strong (none at Village Phase though). Pikes and swords. Various techs and bonuses.
  • Missile units: Strong. Skirmishers and Archers. Most techs.
  • Cavalry: Very Strong. Almost all types and many techs.
  • Siege: Above Average. Easy tech as Antigonids.
  • Economy: Average.
  • Structures: Average.
  • Navy: Some special techs for hired ships. More for Ptolemaics.

Format shamelessly stolen from the design document of the free indie RTS 0 A.D. Both for it's usefulness and as a chance to promote it.

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