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Four scenarios by one author, mostly full of bosses. Good luck.

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How do you do, fellow kids? Four mapsets today, I hope you're thrilled.

There's not very much to tell about those sets, in truth, so I'm going to cover them all at once. These sets were made by Bj Mackow and are called hy, MED, MED2 and super hard2. They largely consist of simple rooms and one-tile passages filled with dangerous enemies. The included readme warns about "a few bugs" (probably related to the author's usage of doors), but states that otherwise the mods should be playable. In truth though, I'm not sure if any of these scenarios (possibly except hy) can be beaten without cheat codes. Try at your own risk.

Bj Mackow.


sueprhard 1

Download super hard2

super hard2

Download MED


Download MED2


Download hy


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