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This video shows what the M4 would look like without that ugly red dot sight attachment. It is a little biased me saying that but i prefer it by its natural self

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Darthlex - - 1,050 comments

hmm .. Immediate thought;

What is the actual benefit of using ironsight in this case? hipfire/crosshair still seems just as effective in that video and in that case your view is also a lot better.

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BFRHYS - - 491 comments

The benifit is deviation. For this video it is just because the red dot scope annoys me so i gave it ironsights. In general bf2 (and most games that have ironsights), It increases the accuracy and deviation of the bullets. IE the bullets will go all over the place when firing from the hip because of the recoil, but aiming down your sights doesn't.

Aiming down the ironsights does:
a) allows you to aim more precisely, rather than the crosshairs
b) very useful for long range shooting

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Shamrok3 - - 177 comments

I personally prefer the ironsights as well...

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Cpt.Dann - - 6,959 comments

I like iron sight but could you give it the rail like the M16?

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