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Big big update today. Learn the release dates of 1.8.2 and M4-78EP, vote for us, and watch us take away MOTY this year. Or so I hope xD.

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First, the most important part... The M4-78EP Release Trailer... with a date of release!

* Brand new planet consisting of seven new, unique locations!
* Over two hours of additional gameplay!
* Explore the mysterious Droid's Planet in a dialog-heavy adventure, with over 1000 lines of voiced dialogs!
* Your actions on M4-78 have impact on other planets, making it feel like a legitimate part of the game!
* Restored previously unavailable unique droid items for your party members!

Next up... Top 100 ranking for Mod of the Year!

Well, despite people complaining you can't get through all the shooters, this RPG mod made the top 100. Thanks everyone for making this possible! Want to help us end as high as possible? Then click the vote button on the main page, and vote for TSLRCM (and any other mods you may like...)!
Let's see how high we can get. Competition is fierce this year, so I don't expect nr. 1... but wouldn't it be nice?

And last, upcoming 1.8.2 information...

Not a whole lot of stuff in here. There isn't much left after 1.8.1 to fix that could be fixed. Engine issues etc. sure, but that's beyond our reach... :/
Here are some things I did fix that could still be fixed, keeping a little cryptic :). As you can see, mostly minor stuff. But polish is nice, no?

* TXI issue in 301 (JCarter426)
* Zezkaiell fem revan overlook (danil-ch)
* workbench dismantling using PC skill instead of user.
* Modulesave.2da update
* 152HAR droid2.dlg fix (Josh D found it)
* 203TEL; Removed automatic Ithorian journal update, need to actually ask for Loppak and be refused for the journal to update.
* Conditioning - Sith Maurader, Jedi Weapon Master fixed
* Mobility (thanks to BarnzyBobble for a lot of testing)
* Dahnis fix male-line break (Female line)
* Mobility feat
* Bao-Dur Cyan Lightsaber create
* Security spike tunneler skin
* 650DAN teammates scene fixes

Keep on a lookout for more about TSLRCM and M4-78EP here. Again, thanks for voting. And even more thanks if you vote for us in the top 100!
Also, if you have feedback about the Trailer, we are glad to hear it.

Hassat out...


Can't what for M4-78EP and good to hear that there is almost nothing left to be fixed in TSL.

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