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M is for Mutant is now available to download free on indieDB and our website!

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M is For Mutant

After roughly eight months of development Variant Games has finished developing the post-apocalyptic stealth game M is for Mutant.

Players will be able to bite, convert and turn humans into their own mindless minions, proceeding to use them in creative ways. In one example scenario survivors have set up a maze trap for the mutants that break into their maze, with snipers on the floor above picking off anything non-living. Maybe you dash from rubbish to rubbish, narrowly avoiding patrolling enemies on the surface?

M is for Mutant 1.0

Perhaps you use mutants as bait, sending them forward as meat shields while you slip by undetected? Or did you find a special black ops enemy, converting them into a “shadow mutant” and sacrificing them to create smoke clouds for you to hide in, avoiding their shots? The approach and decisions are yours as each level has various situations like this that mix up the gameplay.

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