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Project Lumoria's Episode One has been revamped by TM Mapping Team!

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Lumoria has gotten revamped! A brand new updated for Episode One has been released on Halomaps, and shortly tonight will also be available on Moddb. The update fixes several issues players encountered from the first version of the map.


  • All custcene's redone and made very good by our new cinematic director, Dratt.
  • Music updated and also a few tracks added/changed
  • Random bugs (most notable the ones allowing the player to skip areas) have been fixed

Also, our cinematic director like I said above, Dratt, had fixed the cutscene's. He also created a brand new trailer for the updated version!

The updated version can currently be downloaded at:

Moddb mirror will be up later tonight of this update.


TheillusiveMan - - 75 comments

Awesome. I am still waiting on episode 2 though...
Although has the horrible voice acting from first version been redone? if not thats kinda a shame.... Wait no it has not :(

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version15 - - 351 comments

The voice acting wasn't that bad, better than hazes XD and I loved playing through this when I saw it released on halomaps...will check out this update for fixing scenes, only complaint I had with the last iteration. Great work, guys!

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InsanityPays - - 1,834 comments

The voice acting needs a bit more emotion and eventully new equipment so you can get a clear sound, other than that b=very well done

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Cahir - - 186 comments

So does this mean that Lumoria has been restarted?

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TM_Higuy Author
TM_Higuy - - 56 comments

Possibly ;)

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Cahir - - 186 comments

Awesome! It's good to see such a Halo mod with such great level design, even if the voice acting is pretty terrible and the story is...well, average (which is to say that it's about on the same level as "The Cole Protocol" xD).

I'm looking forward to any future episodes/maps you guys put out!

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SPY-maps - - 2,902 comments

Let me start with saying that i LOVE this teaser shown above!
That said, i never knew it was possible to really map with Halo.
Back in the day when it was released i looked into mapping with it, but as far as i could check was it only possible to fool around with files and change skins etc. but not really actual mapping, so you could make your own Halo maps.
And now i see a complete new sp-mod with new maps!!!
this really makes me want to install Halo again and play this one, know that i haven't played Halo for YEARS!

really great stuff guys!!!


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