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This is the last update before our time's up on IndieGoGo! The update address some control issues players had during the free weekend.

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This is the last update before the IndieGoGo timer is up. If you want to donate and start playing the game, now's the time!

The update addresses some problems players reported with the controls for the game, and is automatically applied and playable now for anyone who has donated $5 or more.

  • Removed the buoyancy effect that pulls you upwards all the time and replaced it with a simple floating animation which plays when you're not pressing any buttons.
  • Replaced the brief pause when you take damage with a screen shake.
  • Improved the tube worms' animation and allowed them to damage biting bugs and smash breakable blocks.
  • Improved movable blocks physics stability and smoothed out movement.

Although this is the last update before we run out of time on IndieGoGo, the game is still in early stages, and there will be many more major improvements to come in the future. This is made possible thanks to the generosity of everyone who has donated so far and we hope this is just the beginning for Luminesca.

Thank you!

Screenshots 1st June 2011 Screenshots 1st June 2011
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