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The time has come. The first update to Lumencraft is here 👏!

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Due to your feedback, we’re able to improve Early Access of the game efficiently 🔧. After 2️⃣ Hotfixes that we released, our team decided to strike back with a bigger update that brings lots of new content to the game. What’s more, we fixed many things that you guys reported to us via Discord and Steam. Our goal is to make Lumencraft a place worth fighting the monsters - in terms of performance and gameplay. 👌

In Update #1, we added:
- enemy: Flying Swarm
- building: Bomb Turret
- language: German
- Steam Cloud support
- quickslots are now restored when picking up items that were previously assigned
- maximum stack size is now displayed in the inventory
- turret upgrades are now visualized on the turrets
- auto-drill function. Triple tap button when using Drill to enable
- current wave number in next wave message and total wave count
- Respawn button, hold it to die when you get stuck etc. R on Keyboard, LB + X on controller
- death marker that shows position of the recently died player
- global shortcut to toggle fullscreen mode: Alt + Enter

We do not forget about Maps’ Editor. Our team added:
- simple map preview when creating new map
- simple terrain generator
- use -1 in wave repeat for infinite waves
- ability to set default material when creating a new map

List of changes:
- Steam: subscribed maps are no longer force-downloaded on start
- tutorial will now exit automatically when completed
- moved one computer in the tutorial to prevent player from getting stuck
- improved tutorial wording for the miner objective
- resolution options will now require confirmation, to prevent breaking game
- improved display of map categories
- mouse wheel will now properly scroll the map list
- metal and Lumen destroyed by monster holes now properly drop resources
- spear stamina cost form 20, 15, 10 to 20, 15, 12.5
- spear damage form (3, 5, 8) to 3, 3.5, 4
- adjusted initial building position when starting build
- tweaked the text that appears when you finish round
- adjusted waves on First Encounter map(added flying), start new game to see changes
- Swarms now rush and attack on buildings
- Swarms now better at digging through materials and walls
- turrets and player on stand can shoot through range expanders
- buildings regeneration nerfed now regenerates 5 times slower
- possible fps boost in game when not in building mode
- smaller player pushback
- wall lvl 3 durability nerfed from 8 to 6
- fullscreen resolution and windowed resolution are now separate
- removed unused screens from weapon workshops
- reduced big monster fall damage from 50 to 30, and the damage should not trigger more than once insted of 3 resulting in theoretical reduction from 150 to 30 dmg
- reduced big monster fall terrain damage falloff

Last, but not least - fixes:
- Saving: fixed respawning enemy nests in First Encounter
- Saving: fixed Miners going invalid if they were placed in the editor
- Editor: fixed material picking not working
- fixed Storage Container using outdated icons
- fixed Lab reporting new technologies when everything is already researched
- fixed save slot time
- fixed a typo in the tutorial
- fixed some local maps being skipped on map list
- fixed one enemy nest in First Encounter not having collisions
- fixed unlimited metal exploit with metal veins
- fixed Lumen Farm not working if one mushroom spot is obstructed
- fixed Lumen Farm mushrooms not showing hit animation
- fixed reactor computer in tutorial not having collisions with items
- fixed a rare co-op bug that caused players unable to use screens
- fixed Lab screens not updating immediately when researched last technology
- game no longer auto-saves when save is blocked
- fixed a rare bug where game couldn't be saved
- fixed broken menu animations with high FPS
- fixed a visual bug where workshop screens would appear red after reloading
- fixed weapon workshop damage regions not being accurate.

Of course, we did not forget about the meme. Business as usual. 🤝🏻


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See you soon, now go dig for Lumen!

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