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Fan Web page on moddb launched. Behold, We are vectorman fans. =) ! !

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This is the day that Vectorman arrived on Moddb! (proabably) We must celebrate! *cracks open a bottle of wine* Alright! Drinks for all! =) Ok, so, we all know of that cancelled new vectorman game right? honestly I didn't think it had the feel of vectorman. It was missing some of the touches that made vectorman vectorman, like the rockets from feet. -.- intead he had a jetpack... TF!! As well he had a gun? Wow... why not just piss on his grave while your at it? Lol thats a bit overreacting. But still those things kind of bugged me. Another thing vectorman himself looks good in 3D, but the enviroment doesnt. anyone else agree? questions, comments? anyone?

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