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Part 2/3 in our 3D design series. Also, get ready to come a lot closer to us.

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Now that we have the beautifully modeled high poly asset it is about time to create a lower detailed model. Much lower. Since we are using a lot of them to illuminate the ocean floor we need to reduce their polycount drastically. Our 3D Artist is showing you how. Enjoy the video.

On totally unrelated news (well not THAT unrelated I guess):

Are you ready? Here it comes!

The submerge forum is ALIVE! Yes, we are moving closer to you and we are super excited about this. So get your avatars ready to stop by, say hello and have a chat with us. Meet the team, ask anything you want to know and be part of game feature discussions.

Looking forward to talking to you!

Just click the community button on our website. But I dare you to hit the Jackjaw.

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