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Yes, the title is not wrong, we added more collectables to the game, this time in chapter 1!

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Hello, Internet Explorer fans!

With the focus put on the first chapter of Louzan, did you guys think that we wouldn't add collectables for you guys to spend time trying to find them all? No Dice!

Alright, let's look at some new and shiny things!

Progress So Far

Before talking about the collectables, I really had to show you guys the progress that the game has made so far on Louzan:My Father once told me 1st chapter. I've looked at this game from this angle a hundred times already, and never stops to amaze me the progress made so far!

progress so far

Alright, now let's get to the collectables.

Collectables - 1st Chapter

I'LL SEND AN S.O.S. TO THE WORLD, I HOPE THAT SOMEONE GETS MY... Ups, sorry. Couldn't help and not sing it. The first collectable that I have for you guys is a bottle, with a message... in a bottle. Eheh.


Now this, my good fellas, is a fishing net. What is it doing near a river full of ducks and no fish? Beats me. It's a life mystery if you ask me.


Ok, next up... Hold up. I can't see it. Gotta get the camera for this one. Ah! There we go, butterflies, So beautiful, so majestic, so yellow-ish. They're magnificent!

butterflies 1

And lastly... Nonono. Did you really think that I would come here and show you ALL the collectables that the game had hidden for you? Not in a million years. You'll just have to play Louzan and find them for yourself!


In this article, we showed you guys progress on the game, and a sneak peek of the collectables found in the first chapter of Louzan.

Alright ladies and gentlemen, stay safe and see you all next week!

e assim

With Kindness, Rio Studios®


Hello there Internet Explorer poster!

Very nice work.. keep it up guys!! :)

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RioStudios Author

Thank you! Keep around to find out more about the game! :D

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