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Like to take pictures? Like spoilers? This is the place for you! This week we're talking about pictures that the player has to take in chapter 1 of Louzan.

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Hey hey, people!

This week, we're going to show you what the players need to photograph in chapter 1 to be able to progress the story... and that's it! Devlogs are supposed to show a lot of different stuff and be fast, just like ripping a bandage.. but less painful.

Let's get to it!


You already know us well, but in case you're a newcomer, we like to make it balanced, because balance is the key. Don't ask me for what door, but that's how the saying goes. With this, I mean that there are 2 animals and 2 plants for you guys to take a photo of.

We have the magnificent and mighty duck. The meaning of the duck is because ducks make everything better in life. So enjoy looking at the duck!


If you want to see how it looks like in-game taking a photo of the duck, take a look at our last Twitter post.

And lastly, for the animals, we have the majestic White-Breasted Nuthatch, meaning that he is blue with black stripes. And a white breast, obviously.



Let's step into the plant's region for a bit.

For anyone that ever stepped foot into the beautiful Louzan mountainside, and were lucky, you might have seen what is known as a medronheiro. This tree is known for its fruit called medronho, which basically is soft small and round fruit, that is used to create liquor... I'll let you all guess why.


Now... See this picture?


This is a magnolia. And now, this?

unknown 2

This is a magnolia in-game. Why? It's Hugo's mom's favourite flower in the world! She deserves a little present. Will Hugo be able to find the perfect present for his mom? Maybe, only the game will tell.


Chapter 1 of Louzan: My Father once told me is being finished and seen that is mainly focused on the mechanic of taking photos, it was important to let the people know what they would be taking photos of.

As always, hope you enjoyed this week's update.

Keep safe out there, so we can see you all next week!

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With Kindness, Rio Studios®

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