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Crusader Kings in Middle-earth. Total overhaul mod that adds Rohan, Isengard and Dunland to Crusader Kings III.

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Crusader Kings in Middle-earth

The first release will showcase The Riders of Rohan as they are beset on three fronts by the wizard Saruman, Dunlendings and Leofring bandits. The starting year is 3000 of The Third Age. Time enough to set in motion The War of the Ring!

LotR: Realms In Exile 1.0.1 The Riders of Rohan

Steam Workshop

The mod is available on the Steam Workshop. We are uploading full releases to ModDB.


Realms will release The Riders of Rohan first, followed by updates including the rest of Middle-earth.

Play as Théoden King of Rohan

  • In the year 3000 the prince Théodred, son of Théoden, still lives and rules the Westfold.
  • Special buildings for Helms Deep Aldburg and Edoras.
  • Unique city, castle and temple 3d models for the Rohirrim culture.
  • Forth, Riders of Rohan, and fear no darkness!

Play as Saruman the White of Isengard

  • Choose to betray the light and use the palantír.
  • Build an army worthy of Mordor!
  • Corrupt and empower with the voice of Saruman. Or stay true to the light and provide wisdom and cunning to your allies.
  • Remove those who oppose your will. Stain the land in the blood of your enemies.

Play as Wulfgar Brynjarsson of Dunland

  • A choice between the wrath of Théoden or that of the wizard Saruman.
  • Character from the real-time strategy game, Battle for Middle-earth: The Age of the Ring. Written by Mathijs.
  • Develop your holdings with new buildings such as the Mead Hall, Stables and Garrison Tower.
  • Retake the fertile lands stolen by Rohan. Death to the Forgoil!

Read Me Booklet

For a guide on all of the new features included in LotR: Realms in Exile please consult our read me booklet.

Team Members

Lead Development Team

  • Arsonium
  • BoneLorde
  • Matt Alexi “Legoman”
  • LordEngineer “Charles“
  • Owlcoholic/Rewinged
  • Tsf4


  • Grell
  • Lonhaldar
  • Vierwood


  • Coffing
  • Julius Caesar
  • John Henry Eden


  • Darnokthemage
  • Tyler

In Development

  • GoDream
  • No

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Thank you for subscribing to Realms in Exile. Gondor, Mordor and Umbar are now in development.


Very nice all! You delivered fast ^.^

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