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Lost Hope is a 2D survival horror game where you must explore a city in order to save yourself from a mutant catastrophe. Decisions, freedom fluid combat system and intriguing story are some features that will be in the game. This is our first post here on indiedb so we will explain the main features of Lost Hope.

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Fun and fluid combat system
This does not mean it is easy though! We want you to feel the horror of having a mutant in front of you. So if you want to play Rambo on this one... you will end up torn into pieces by a mutant because bullets are scarce. There is melee combat too! Everything in order to survive.

*The following image is a work in progress just to give you an idea, all the streets will be highly detailed in the final version.

Exploration and decisions
Explore a whole city full of rich and detailed environments from the very beginning at your own risk. You can explore the inside of every single building. Look for people full of personality, make then favors... kill them!? wait, what? Wouldn't that destroy the game plot and make it generic? Nope, that is part of the game, in real life you would try all sort of things in order to survive a mutant catastrophe, but everything has a consequence in your ordeal, right?

Deadly enemies that will make you feel blessed for living a normal life without them
Every mutant is designed with a combat strategy in mind that goes with their design, oh and they all want to kill you. Sometimes, it is better to avoid them and find an alternate route.

Lots of items to collect
Which, again, does not break the game. We want it to be hard but enjoyable.

And more
There are more aspects of the game that we would like to share on this post but need to be refined. We will be posting our progress regularly! And about the audio... we will have in covered in the future!It is an important part in a game like this.

Meet the team

We are just 2 guys in Somber Pixel but we put all our effort and time in this game!Left: Adolfo Jungbluth(Programmer) Right: Arturo Anci(Pixel artist)

Contact us

Somber Pixel: @SomberPixel
Arturo @Artan0728
Or directly here!


From what I can see the art direction looks fantastic. But the lighting seems just a tad bit too neon-y and doesn't compliment the background in the right way. (the RED THE BLUE AND THE GREEN)

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SomberPixel Author

Hello Templar_David. We are playing with the lights to see what would fit better with the art. The lighting is very important for this experience so thanks for the feedback, we will check those lights and decide the best approach.

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This looks fantastic! I really like the style, gonna track to be up with everything new about it.

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SomberPixel Author

Thanks,kazumo! We will be posting updates regularly to show the development of Lost Hope. We still have a lot to do!

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This looks really interesting as a game. And about the artwork, love it! There are loads of "pixel" games poorly made as en axcuse of simplicty, but these sprites look amazing. Simple yet well done. Good work!

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