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This update shows some screenshots from one of the streets of the big city you will be able to explore in Lost Hope. The lights are experimental but this serves as an idea of how the game will be.

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Lost Hope Update 5: Streets first screenshots

Truth be told, this week was slow for Lost Hope. Both of us were busy with other important things and could only code and draw for Lost Hope during our free time. But still, we managed to do some things we would like to show.

This update shows parts of a street from Lost Hope. Note that the used lighting effects are just for testing! We plan to be very detailed about it.
Lost Hope takes place in a city where mutants are lurking so it will be important to be cautious while exploring!


We plan to give the players the freedom to explore the city the way they want at their own risk. The city is divided into streets and each street has its own set of buildings and singular places to explore.


The intention is that you can, somehow, enter and explore every single place(houses, buildings and others) in the game. Places may contain items, survivors you can talk to and other things that may be worth it.

Worry not, you will have a flashlight with you, the pictures right now cannot show it but we are implementing one in order to explore some dark places.


The lighting right now is experimental, we plan to put lots of layers for high detail. Also we want the moon to play an important role regarding light, as it is a big light source.


We will work much more this upcoming week. So, as always, expect more updates! Also, your feedback would be appreciated so feel free to comment!


It's really good that you're not encountering problems with the game. The style is really well done and so far you don't seem to be challenged by graphic problems or programming ones.

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SomberPixel Author

Hello kazumo! Like in every project there are problems sometimes. Most of our problems are related to our free time which we use to develop Lost Hope. We need to be very focused with this because making a videogame requires a lot of time and effort. We are glad that we have the knowledge to make this game (we are also learning a lot while making it!) so even if we have to sacrifice some sleep and other aspects of our daily life, it is a fact that we are finishing Lost Hope no matter what! And ,as always, thanks for your constant support!

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