The lore of the in-game factions. I have reimagined them and (hopefully) improved them.

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The Colony of the Rhodoks, called Braeseal, is what land they've conquered in Olinka. It's situated on the Eastern part of Olinka, near the shoreline. It has a quite thin shape, and is composed of mainly forests and rivers. The beaches are mostly rocky, though some have sand, and it has the deep blue sea of the Ocean. Most of the forests are composed of Epica, a Olinkan variation of the Calradian Pine tree. It is much more durable than the aforementioned pine, and is often used in the Olinkan's boomerangs or weapons. A few walnut forests are also present. The weather is usually quite temperate. Warm summers, cold winters (sometimes it even snows), and a quite humid air. The climate is warmer towards the South, and more Marsh-like towards the North. The natural resources are mostly Gold, exotic spices used in the East Olinkan's Kangaroo Stew. The Rhodoks have enslaved some East Olinkas as miners. Since the Queen of Rhodoks does not like the concept of slavery, they pay the East Olinkans, though at a measly ten dinars per month.
The people of Rhodoks live in the three main cities they built whilst colonising: Alta, New Jelkala and the lake village of Soleda. The population is moderate, as many Rhodokians chose to stay in Calradia. The population, however, is growing, as most of the men and women who travelled were very young Rhodokians and producing heirs.
Like in their home country, they worship the two faced God Vigliare. In their religion, they believe the God was once only one entity: but as his rage grew, he split into two personas: the female Goddess Mera, and the male God Guerre. The God of Beauty and Peace and the God of War, respectively. They believe he alternates between each persona: they have formed their calendar based on those eras. The Goddess has been his current face for over fifteen years.
This religion also dictates whether the leader of Rhodoks is a woman or a man. Currently, it is a woman, to honour Mera. This is also the reason why the official leader of Braeseal is her daughter, hailed as one of the most beautiful women in Calradia. However, as she is not strong in combat or a good tactician, her cousin Marquis Divelio is the de facto ruler of the colony.
As all the other Calradian colonies, they use dinars to trade. They use a nobility system in their military ranks, with nobles being higher up. Like Rhodoks, they have a culture based on Romance and Wealth, something the Swadian philosopher Kristoff Merkol has coined as "Kapitalism".

The Colony of the Nords is named Vinland, land of vinyards in their language. Indeed, this is their prime resource, as they found fields of red and white grapes. They have become the main producers of wine. It's situated in the northern part of Olinka, to the north of Braeseal. It is mostly a dry temperate or steppe like climate and biome. It has a coast, but it is composed of dirt or rocks. It has mostly varieties of Maples trees, and the Nords have cut a lot of them down. They have become a chief exporter of Maple products, like Maple buns or Maple Lag. They also incorporate it into their medicinal drink Lonnjul. Like their home country, they wield mostly short swords, buckler shield and axes. They have also bought gunpowder for certain troops, though they have mostly decided to put it into their grenades and grenadier division of their army. These can turn the tide of battle. The natural resources are silver, lead and quite a few precious stones. They also have plenty of metals to compose pattern-welded weapons, given to the highest tier warriors of their army. There are two main cities: Tallholm, Skonhetras, and a castle Fortet Traspik. The nords have shieldmaidens in their army, but few have come to Olinka. Most of the nords are old veterans, though children have come too and are steadily growing into capable young nords. They worship the same religion as in their home country, which is star worship, Asterianism. They believe each star is an ancestor fallen in battle, who guides them and helps them find their way at night. The ruler of the colony is a veteran nord warrior Earl Starkskagg.
As all the other Calradian colonies, they use dinars to trade. They have an honour system, and don't believe in fighting other nords 2 vs 1 as it is dishonourable. Their main goal is life is to become a star and pave their way to their children becoming stars.

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Great lore, all the factions look very promising

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Thanks! Next few factions will be posted in the News.

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