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The latest update to Lords of Delusia sees more ships bringing the total to 80+, and with 50 to go. Ship trails have been changed, and game font has been changed.

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In the latest update to Lords of Delusia, more ships have been added. Bringing the total at around 80+. The final aim is to get the list to around 130+ allowing a good selection of ships to buy, build, and find. This makes for great variety in the game.


A major change has also been applied to how ship trails work. Now they are their own seperate entity and the trail is based off what engine is equipped. This allows for some unique designs, adds to ship customization, and just overall makes the ships look better. A demo of the new ship trails is shown below.

Finally the in game font has been changed to a custom font which I feel suits the game style. Images below show how the font is shown at different parts of the game.

a8 1

a8 2

a8 3

a8 4

The steam page for Lords of Delusia has also been created, however there is nothing there uploaded as of yet. All the paperwork and details have been done so that once the game gets to Alpha 1.0 I can start uploading.

Eventually the game will enter a closed Beta where the full QA cycle will start and run its course to the steam standard untill the game is ready for release.

As always if you are interested in more about the game I release weekly devblogs at

With the latest video:

discussing more about the ships.

Thank you all,

Luke Parisi

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