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I believe I have taken care of all of the bugs I could possibly find. Episode 1 maps have been gone through to make sure there's nothing missing. Maps for Episode 2 and 3 are slowly being built up and coming along.

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So I have the engine 99.9% completed and any other bugs I may find I'll run into through testing new maps or just somehow coming across them.

Episode 1 maps are all cleaned up and checked through, ready to go.

I have gotten a few maps from ronwolf1705 and that's helping Episode 2.

I would am working on maps as best I can with the time I have. I do believe that Episodes 2 and 3 will come out shortly after Episode 1, unless I miraculously get them all done before christmas.

I could release the game for thanksgiving, but I may get some more maps done, and it also gives me the necessary time to prepare the rest of the game.

So Christmas, expect it out and ready for all to enjoy :)

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