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I'm looking for someone who wants to make a written or a video tutorial for a complicated part of my game: building your gun.

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Hi everyone! The playtesting is still going very well; while I work on the next patch in my free hours, every now and then people come online, test some stuff, and tell me what went wrong. I also like how the playtester group keeps growing slowly: people really use the 'invite a friend' feature, which is nice. The next big group of playtesters will be invited once the new patch is ready.

But that said, let's get to why I'm writing this post: I notice that most playtesters don't use the gun customization features. Of the 50 Olvand accounts at the moment, only 5 have the olb combination achievement, for example. This is not only a pity because gun customization is my favorite part of the game, but also because it will be essential to many minigames in the future. This is gun customization in it's most basic (and useless) form:

This lack of self-made gun probably exists because, I'll admit it, it IS a bit complicated when you start. It'll become clear and intuitive quickly (I know from LAN-playtests), but you have to take that step and learn the system. Therefore, I want to give you some help and have a tutorial which explains some basic gun builds. I almost started writing one myself, but then I realized this might be a good opportunity to have some community interaction! On top of that, if someone else does it, I'll have more time to build cool features :).

What you get

  • An invite, if you don't have one yet.
  • A mention on this very blog, which means that a lot of people will be visiting your website or channel. I'm approaching 200 followers here on Desura, and my blog posts get around 400 pageviews usually.
  • Fame!

What you do

  • Make a tutorial article or video explaining situations like the picture below, and more complicated ones after that.
  • Put the text on your blog (or somewhere else), or the video on YouTube. Advertisements are okay.

Please send me a pm here on ModDB/IndieDB/Desura if you're interested. If I get more offers, I will pick the best 3, so please send some of your previous work to convince me!

If you want more development, see [twitter] or [facebook]!


I will make a video tutorial and a written tutorial for free.
Contact me several ways;
Steam - [CCL] Ultima911 [Head-Admin]
Email -
Chances are i won't check my ModDB account so if you could contact me through steam it would be best.

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Woseseltops Author

I've sent you an email :)

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