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Attention all Model Makers. If theres any body out there who has experiance with Modeling, I could really use the help with a couple of Models for Movie Duels: The Original Trilogy.

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All you fans of Star Wars Movie Duels, and who are looking forward to when I release the Original Trilogy, there are few requirment that I need, of which I have no experiance of doing.

There are many things that I am capable of doing to make this mod turn out as good as possible. My skills for this mod include:

  • Mapping

  • Scripting

  • Coding-with the help from Wector

  • Animations-also with the help from Wector

  • The only experiance that I don't have is Modeling. If there are any model makers out there, I could really use your help. There are only two models that I need for this mod.

  • Luke Skywalker-Dagobah Outfit

  • Luke Skywalker-Bespin Outfit

  • Those are the only models I need for when I do my Dagobah Training mission, and Confrontation with the Dark Lord mission. One of the reason for why I don't use Hapslash's skin, is because I have no know idea how to contact him for Permission, I've tried to email him a couple times, but never heard back. Also, some people want me to do a mission of Starkiller Vs Shaak Ti from the Force Unleashed. Well if you want that to happen, then I will also need a model of

  • Starkiller-Felucia Jungle outfit
  • Shaak Ti-The Force Unleashed

    So if there's anybody out there who is interested, or knows some really talented model makers. Please contact me here on

    A mapper named Immenor gave me permssion to use his Carbon Freezing Chamber map that he made for the Movie Battles mod. The only thing I need to do next is add the Cloud City-Reactor Shaft, and I also have the Darth Vader model made by Toshi, which he gave me permission to use. The only thing left I need to complete that mission is the Luke Skywalker models that I just described. Credit will be given to the person who can help.

  • Thank you for reading.


    Here's some Luke Skywalker-Dagobah and Luke Skywalker-Bespin Outfits I found on jk3files if you still haven't found any yet.

    Their not the best but their better then nothing...

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    Jediwill Author

    I saw those, but the reason why I don't use them, is because I want something a little more realistic than that. But Thank you for trying.

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    then why not use the one darthphae made its the best luke ive ever ever ever seen

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