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Someone who can do models of guns and organic stuff (mainly characters, and fps hands)

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"Badlands" is going to be best indie FPS of 2013-2014, but I need some reinforcements! No one fights alone!

So with that said, I'm going to put this straight: Im looking for a game modeler and UV mapper!

What is needed:
- FPS Hands model
- 2 Weapons models (G3 and M16)
- Soldiers Models (based on modern Russian Forces) with 3 variations of it

Without these models, project is going to be dead, they are MINIMUM for Badlands to be in alpha stage..

What game currently have:

-Epic orchestral soundtrack
-2 game maps (City Suburbs and Road to City)
-Great weapon sounds and explosion sounds and environmental sounds
-few environment models (walls, barrels, debris)
-.. and fully functional FPS prefab with enemies and triggers for missions

The game is currently developed only by me (I'm doing all sounds and environments)
Coding stuff is already done and is frequently updated thanks to Azuline Studio's FPS Prefab!
(Basic FPS aspects of the game are all covered so no need for c0der here)

What's so special about this FPS?

It's main focus is set on player experience and immersion, inspired by Eastern European post-soviet cities, this is going to be interactive Saving Private Ryan in Russia!

I almost forgot! Work is paid!

If you have any questions or you want to join me in this project, contact me here on IndieDB or send me an email :

So this is it! Soon, I will upload newest trailer for Badlands!

Stay calm and wait for it!

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" going to be best indie FPS of 2013-2014" Lol, don't be so sure about yourself. I've seen a lot of indie FPS's that are currently being worked on, and to be honest, they look a LOT better than this. So, you gotta work harder if you want your game to be called that.

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