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It's time for a tease. We've got a gameplay video for you! (and lots, lots more)

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First, an apology.

It has been close to two months since our last news update! We hope you can forgive the radio silence though, because we have been working like madmen behind the scenes. In the last few months Depth has become a playable game with a strong competitive vibe and a creepy / sneaky atmosphere. Though it will be a while before any kind of release, we felt the least we could do was to put together a teaser video for you which embodies the tension of a typical Depth game. We truly hope you enjoy watching it and that it helps shed some light on what Depth is all about!

The fun does not end there, though. "Just Filth" , Depth's resident mapping guru has been battling hard to create above water scenery as spectacular as what he has created underneath. So far his results are a little *too* good. During play tests none of us want to leave the boat!

In addition to the mapping bonanza, we have been working on more tools for the divers to use against their fearsome foes. If you watched the teaser you probably noticed a certain aquatic firearm. Meet " The penetrator ", Carlos Santiago's weapon of choice. A direct hit on the gills or eyes of the shark is enough to bring down even the mighty white shark! Thank goodness! But one must aim carefully, this spear-gun is anything but a rapid fire weapon.

Finally, we are pleased to announce that Depth is now backed by the talent of Engine Audio a collaboration between a pair of veteran audio designers and musicians who have done audio design and implementation for everything from mods to EA titles. In the short time they have been working on Depth our audio has been transformed from a weak point into a truly impressive aural experience.

And that about wraps up our news update! But for one last thing ...

We are looking to hire a talented unrealscript programmer into our ranks. If you are a programmer who has worked extensively with unreal engine before and are familiar with the UDK codebase, please send me an email! ( This is a serious paid position and we would appreciate if only dedicated and professional individuals with a significant amount of experience applied. Thanks!

As always, watch where you swim.

The Depth team.

RockRebel - - 965 comments

Looks awesome so far

Reply Good karma Bad karma+6 votes
Spooboy - - 2,028 comments

The divers movements look kind of buggy but other than that this is pure awesomeness.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
bikkebakke - - 421 comments

they are turning a bit too fast, as there would be no resistance.

Well it looks like that for me atleast :/

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
Smoth - - 1,098 comments

Water gives AMPLE resistance.

Reply Good karma Bad karma-1 votes
NullSoldier - - 973 comments

You are as dense as the water. Have you no concept of gameplay? Realism hardly ever equals good gameplay. If you couldn't turn very fast it wouldn't feel natural to PC players.

Thank god you aren't designing this game.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
linfosoma - - 215 comments

About the turning/rotation speed, I agree that it's not realistic to be able to turn around so fast, but if you think about it, the only way to make it more realistic would be to lower the mouse sensitivity to emulate the effect, and that is never good ;)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
alenoguerol - - 622 comments

there could be two modes. one with hardcoded limited mouse sensitivity and a free mode like any fps

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Martanz - - 479 comments

This will be epic!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Cryrid - - 197 comments

Nice touch with the shark cage

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
SinKing - - 3,119 comments

Great video! Underwater is a scary place.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
thelastlambda - - 67 comments

Really Good, tracking, can't wait to try it out.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
xXMaNiAcXx - - 4,807 comments


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INtense! Staff
INtense! - - 4,100 comments

looking awesome, mind you I would expect nothing less

Reply Good karma+3 votes
MrTambourineMan - - 717 comments

Woooow, excellent teaser!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Torabi - - 376 comments

This looks awesome. Can't wait to try it!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Intolerance.dll - - 198 comments

this is gonna be apnoepic

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
56er - - 1,253 comments

Very nice, wil you add some effects on the part were the steel cage hits the water? Some "slosssssshs" and so on when that thing drops down would add some more atmosphere there, I guess.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Micah - - 89 comments

Hopefully someone isn't having their....time of the month when they dive in.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
TomTodia - - 19 comments

Wow! That is gonna be fun, and I am sure it will sound incredible as well. 56er, there is a series of audio based effects when the cage drops in. Both a splash and a really dark / eerie music cue as well.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Kamikazi[Uk] - - 1,412 comments

Wow that trailer is epic :D. Awesome game can't wait to get this :D.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Radar11m - - 694 comments


Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Newbez - - 480 comments

i'd say the character is swimming too fast, i've been underwater diving and i don't think anyone swam as fast as that

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Captain_Perfect - - 553 comments

well would it be any fun then if the sharks always catch the humans?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Smoth - - 1,098 comments

It looks awesome I have only two complaints, the surface of the water is visually jarring when such realistic looking terrain. Your shader on the sharks makes them look too shinny almost metallic.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Dr.Nick - - 53 comments

Zomg it looks pretty scary under the water x.x

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
LowiSky - - 29 comments

OMG ! It's just awesome ! My dream in game with lot of action and horror :p. I'm impatient. The game is looklife and fish are very pretty !

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