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So, the full version has been released. You really though that's all?

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You really though that Past Attacks is only about Joseph Hoffman? No, it's not.

After the main story, there are two mini missions you can play. The question is: "Are two enough?"
Of course they're not!
In the future I will be uploading another short mini missions that you could run before or after the main story.
You can look forward to short stories of another White Silla's employees while Proud Amir assaulted the facility, also you can look forward to White Silla's Armed Forces' abroad missions or even to another Suitless (HUDless) missions!
I will also publish the epilogue of the main story in the future. After all, to be arrested isn't the best ending ever, is it?

Keep tracking this mod.

The main story:
Past Attacks: Episode One 2.0

PS: don't forget to vote for this mod in MOTY 2013.

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