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Long time no see people. Why hasnt this mod been updated for so long? Well i got a few knews for sure to share, please do read below.

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Jan 28, 2012, that was the last update for this mod, and there hasnt been any more work done.

Where have i been and why havent i done anything more for it? Well i guess the answer is simple, and i think most of you are the ones who has the fault for it, well most of you, not all.

When Crysis 2 was released, people expected some incredible super powers in the game, something that could hlep them beat the game mcuh easier. The mod i made that took it away, made them go cry and moan. What am i talking about? Well, i guess i can tell you the history of this mod, and my experience with it and why i even made it, and when things started to fall apart thanks to a user.

So where did it start? This mod actualy started out back in 2009 for Crysis 1 as a Playable Marine mod. It never got released as it mostly was a private mod and it used some assets from another mod. Later when Crysis 2 was relased back in 2011, i felt how easy the game was, silly easy really, and i have been thinking to myself, is this how kids play nowdays? The game holds your hand?

This is where the project starts. The project started out as just Playable Marine mod, but that was before i joined ModDb, and i posted it on youtube, but that never gave it the attention it needed. I knew i had to improve the mod and move to a public modding site. This is where the project began,  codenamed Cryfever. Unlike any mod i ever amde before, Cryfever was the biggest mod project i ever worked on, and was also one of the (if not THE first) mod proejct for Crysis 2 that set the chain reaction for other modders out there. Due to my experience of modding the game, alot of modders asked me for guidance from wich i gave them. Thanks to my guidance, you see all the amazing mods out there that are on ModDb now for Crysis 2, but due to many modders' arrogance, they forgot me.

As time went on, my mod got mostly trashed by young, casual gamers who never saw challange as an option. they never liked the idea of taking away their powers. The game was possible to beat if you put enouth effort into it, but i knew that i had to change the mod to make it better.

When i wanted to start on Chepter machines, i couldnt change the existing mod page for Cryfever as i accidently choose some settings wrong. The Support team gave me the middle finger and never responded to me regarding the issue, thus forcing me to make a new mod page.

Unlike Cryfever, Chepter Machines offered a more unique way to play the game. While challanging, it gave the players new abilities and upgrades. This change gave the mod more positive feedback.

This all went fine and dandy, but one day, it all got ruined by one user. A guy named USS_GRAND who was learnign to mod, saw my mod and noticed that it had some files that allowed his own mod to start (this was before update 1.9 when the Mod option was made).  He intergrated my mod into his own and uploaded it. This casued a mass hysteria and chaos and confusion. Due to his popularity, i was blamed as a theif.

Since then, Chepter Machines was forgotten and i made one last update, and then, nothing.

To this day, his Alcatraz mod have gotten alomst a mil downloads by now (400k or so last tiem i checked). So, will i ever go back to modding Crysis 2? Well it has been so long since i modded it, so it is highly unlikely, and due ot the chaos that USS_GRAND caused, i simply wont go back so easly into modding Crysis 2.

I think that be all, and to all you few loyal fans who still have been waiting for an update, i thank you for the amazing patience you put into this mod.

Thats all folks.

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