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Will you be able to get out of this long corridor? It all starts when you rent an apartment and decide to go shopping. A long road with death on the prowl will stand between you and the exit. There is no other way, you are already inside.

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Welcome to the presentation of Long. An short-horror adventure game set in a long corridor that seems to have no end, with puzzles and someone that try to kill you for a reason.

All starts when you decide to rent an apartment, that looks pretty fine and cheap. It's a little dirty but in the morning you decide to go shopping cleaning stuff. When you cross the door nothing will ever be the same...

A long corridor awaits, with bulbs that can kill you in the dark, puzzles and the author of everything. Stay alert, turn on lights and stay away from the dark.

LongScreenshot 9

LongScreenshot 1

In your way, you will find numerous puzzles. Be careful if you die, cause some puzzles can have variations. Like different passwords, different buttons...

LongScreenshot 5

LongScreenshot 4

LongScreenshot 10

Long is an horror-adventure game where you need to escape through a long corridor, where puzzles and someone who want to kill you awaits... Also, the darkness is your worst enemy, some bulbs have a lethal gas and can kill you. Stay in the light.

You will have to manage in electricity problems, water pumps, mine fields... to survive and reach the end of he corridor.

LongScreenshot 3

LongScreenshot 7

LongScreenshot 6

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