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With the fusion of magic and technology, Nim created his first weapon so let's check out it together with our Game Logo and our Alpha Test.

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Good Night Everyone!

We hope you had a great weekend and managed to recover energy for the coming week.

Today we bring you our game logo as well the weapon that our character is going to use. Hope you like them!

Game Logo sketches

Game Logo sketches

For our logo, we wanted to focus that is a world in ruins and use the magic crystal as an element in the game. Therefore, we designed som sketches where the Nim has a design of ruins or wear and the crystal should be in the middle.

The first sketch was to close to the style of Minecraft while the two at the bottom have a more 3D design and the one in the right uses the crystal as the dot.

Game Logo

GameLogo 1

As we are using a low-poly with cel-sahdding approach, we opted for the logo above. Not only it focus our charracter but also gives importance to the magic crystal and there are soft traces of wear if look closely.

Weapons thumbnails

Weapons Thumbnails

For the weapons we wanted one that uses magic and tecnology where it could be one handed or two handed.

Weapon sketches 1

Weapons Sketches 1

As we chose it to be a two handed weapo we now wanted to combine a rifle with a crossbow.

Weapon sketches 2

Weapons Sketches 2

Now that we have the general result of the weapon it as time for the final design as well how the magic crystals will influence in the design as these crystals are the source of energy for the weapon and also the ammunition.

Weapon Values Studies


Weapon Color Studies


The final result was a crossbow gun where the source of energy is located at the point where the energy arrows/bullets are formed so they can be shoot.

Weapon Model Design


It is availabele at our page: an alpha version of the test. The current early alpha version is to test the functionality of the mechanics as well the combat system against the enemies and the design level. Art models and style has not been implemented yet. Next version will have it. Thanks for your understanding.

You will also found there a form to be compleated about your experience testing the game.

We hope you like it.

Stay tunned for more.

-MetaBite Studio

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