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New assets added for the US Intervention mod for BF2.

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Time for another update on the progress of USI 2.0. In previous versions we had one of our UAZ and Hummer support versions coded to resupply and heal nearby players. We decided to try out an idea inspired by Project Reality and re coded and added some assets that actually drop supplies and repair items. Our reason for doing so is to get players to be more involved in game play by utilizing these vehicles to travel throughout the battlefield to help their teams fight. Keep in mind, these items made the cut before the content lock took affect.

Logistic trucks (supply drops):
Another version of the M35 and Ural trucks was added with a canvas covering the back. These truck will be used to go out into the field and drop ammo crates for players. These crates will only re arm soldiers and vehicles. Right click drops the crates. Code and crate courtesy of Project Reality.

Support Trucks (repair drops):
As mentioned the UAZ and Hummer support vehicles were tweaked. These vehicles now help repair other vehicles out in the field. Players can approach team mates and drop a repair kit to keep the battle going. This item will only repair vehicle and can be dropped by using the right mouse button. Code and crate courtesy of Project Reality.

Commander abilities (explained and whats new):
With our first few releases, we had implemented the default BF2 commander abilities. Over time due to feedback, major changes were made. As of now, there are 3 abilities for the commanders, Satellite Scan, Supply Drop, and Mortar Strike. The satellite scan is pretty much the same other than replacing the models with our own. Supply drop remains the same as well except for more chutes added (3 total). The mortar strike is simply a launcher, which cannot be found nor destroyed, that fires 5 rounds with a 50 meter spread so the commander can not hog all the kills. There is a plan for something to fill in the void uav ability but the idea is just written on paper for the time being.

Overall progress – 7 out of 20 maps complete for release including AI, 85% of all bugs found have been fixed, 2 new maps in production (soon to be shown). Bit by bit we are getting closer. We thank all of our fans for remaining by our sides all these years.

The US Intervention Dev Team

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Nice job! Wait for new news!

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Always a good thing to see Mods cooperating with eachother, looking forward to the new maps too :)

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