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Lockdown Defence is our upcoming Tower Defence FPS survival game set around the period of World War II.

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• Lockdown Defence is a "Tower defence zombie survival first person shooter game" that has its own unique build and twist.

• Lockdown Defence is being developed using state of the art game development software such as Unity 4, Autodesk Maya and 3ds Max.


• It is the year 1946. You are an Ally soldier working in a highly secured Government bunker previously used by the Nazis. The Scientists there are studying a highly classified, hazardous chemical, known to you as "Element Zero Six". The chemical was discovered after the defeat of
the Nazis.

• The scientists there are carrying out controlled tests on the chemical when a biological accident occurs. The chemical has evaporated into an airborne substance and begins to spread a deadly infection throughout the lab. The "Lockdown" procedure is initiated. Are you the only survivor?

• How has the infection spread so fast? How have you not been infected? Uncover the mystery by protecting the remaining scientists as they try to find a cure throughout the bunker.


• Strengthen your arsenal as you move room to room finding new and exciting weaponry and more.

• Buy exclusive weapons, new maps and game enhancing armoury packs from our in-game store.

• Beat your friends high scores, Set your own worldwide score and share your achievements across the leading social networks, such as Facebook.

• Lockdown Defense is a game of intelligence and quick decision making.


• The aim of the game is simply to survive but also has a story for you to uncover along your
• The player has to overcome obstacles and challenges using intelligent tactics in order to uncover the story of the game.

• The player must use his team wisely to protect the scientists as they work to find a cure.

• The game runs along a system where the longer you survive, the more difficult the game becomes.

• There will be points as you defend zones where you will encounter a boss which will make it increasingly difficult to defend zones and protect the scientists.

• You must defend the scientists from attack as they move from objective to objective.

• A great reward system to reward every action you make, allowing you to purchase weapons, and receive more points to use for upgrading your weapons and character etc.

• You will have the ability to use RTS mode which will allow you a top-over view of the map to manoeuvre your squads strategically.

Upgrades Explained:

• As you perform certain actions, complete objectives and reach benchmarks, you will be rewarded points that you can spend in game to upgrade weapons, squad mates and more.

• Earning points is key to surviving to higher rounds, more difficult rounds require better weapons and improved squad mates.

• Another way to receivepoints is to purchase them through the in-game store, for use whenever you need them.

• Points you earn carry over every time you play.

• These points are NOT used to purchase exclusive weapons, maps or any downloadable content.

•They are ONLY used for upgrades of in-game items and characters. Purchased DLC weaponry can be upgraded also.

Additional Planned Features:

• Another system we are looking to integrate into the game is the Barrier Protection System.

• This system enables you as the player to build barriers to protect you and your squad from zombies. It costs points to build and upgrade these barriers.

• The system consists of 3 upgrade levels:

Level 1 - Short life-span, contains crates and rubbish.

Level 2 - longer life-span, contains stronger materials.

Level 3 - Long life and contains railings, crates, rubbish.

• Approaching an area that can be protected will open a sub-menu. This will allow you to upgrade the area to a specific protection level you deem necessary.

------Please Feel free to let us know your opinions of the game and what you think of the ideas we have presented-------

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