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Release of the New Version 1.1.0 and the Patch, which updates the old Version 1.0.0 to 1.1.0!

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Hi Community,

Patch 1.1.0

We are proud to inform you that we have successfully released the first Patch for Living Hell: Noname Island 2! It will update the Mod to Version 1.1.0. Download the Patch only if you have already downloaded Version 1.0.0 of the Mod, its not necessary when you download directly the full Version 1.1.0 ! Beneath you can find the the Download Link and a full list of improvements and fixed Problems.

Download Patch


  • Fixed Fog not appearing correctly with Low/Middle Settings in Level 1
  • Removed DOF
  • Better performance in the Bog (Average 5-8 FPS more)
  • Sticking glitches with Objects/Stones fixed
  • AI Forbidden Areas placed
  • Fixed Intro
  • Intro made shorter
  • New Start area with better performance
  • Replacement of enemies
  • Sniper Mission objectives added to radar
  • Fadings over-worked
  • New savepoints
  • Fixed music loops
  • Fixed illogical level design (oversized rocks, streets ending in rocks, etc.)
  • Fixed climbing up the dam
  • Added slowmotion areas
  • Fixed vehicle getting stuck
  • Fixed Triggers
  • Fixed Bridges
  • Readme Updated
  • More small things...

New Full Version 1.1.0

Those who haven't downloaded Version 1.0.0 of the Mod, can directly download the new Full Version 1.1.0 of the Mod. The Patch is already integrated in this Version.

Download Full Version 1.1.0

-Zero Productions


I downloaded the patch and installed it. I saw an immediate improvement with the DOF. I also like starting in the boat better however it was still too buggy to finish. I had to restart the level because I was stuck on a boat dock near the beginning. Also, some of the animations (namely 3 characters running across the deck during the explosions) did not trigger properly. This was an intermittent issue.

I was stuck yet again on the ladder at the sniper tower by the train tracks and when I reloaded the last save game right before that point I was stuck in place like I was glued to the ground even though there was nothing visible around me!

I gave up at that point. I know you guys are listening to the feedback and I respect that.

Please fix these bugs! Also, please shorten the intro. The explosions are cool but they go on forever and honestly it's quite boring after a few minutes. The sequence can be shortened and not take anything away from the story.

Keep it up, despite my complaints I saw real potential!

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