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I guess this could be called an update... So hey, why not?

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As probably nobody saw the comment I posted on the summary section, I'll post this little 'article' so at least this mod's watchers will see it.

Okay, so here's the deal.
Yesterday I was messing around with the code in Max Payne and came up with a way to stay prone practically forever after a Shoot-Dodge. But guess what? It's also got a con.
I needed to use alternate animations for the staying on the ground part. And the only alternate animations you can use in Max Payne for this kind of purpose are the wounded animations. I could add this 'staying prone' feature, but doing so would require me to remove all normal wounded state animations. This means there wouldn't be any wounded walking nor wounded shoot-dodging anymore.

So what do you think?
Should I add this feature or not?
Let me know through the comment section below.


I'm now open to suggestions! Any particular thing you would like me to add, just ask away.
Anyway, I'm not hell of a modder, so try to keep these suggestions within my reach. This means things like:
- Make dual desert eagles
- Add a new weapon
Nope, sorry.

PS: I won't add Kung Fu.

EDIT: Nobody answered, so I'll wait another week and if there's still no answers, I'll add this stay prone feature anyways.


:) .................

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