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Little God Story is an action/adventure/puzzle game. Playing a scandinavian god, you make a big travel to become stronger. For this, you have to control and use the Four Elements.

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Making a good story is very hard. I try to bond Little God Story with the Nordic Mythology, but it is unsuccessful. When you use an existing mythology or history, you cannot change everything to make what you need. You have to adapt your story and characters to the myths. Because I do not want that, I abandoned the Viking style for Little God Story. I decided to make my own story. Here is
the new synopsis. It is more adapted to the gameplay system :

The machines have replaced everything on the four worlds of Amandhian. Little God have to use the Elements, gift of nature, to go through the traps of machines and restore the power of the living.

The principle is simple : machines are powerful but can be desactivated or moved by switches. Little God lives. He can move and interact with the world. He can change everything.

No major changes in gameplay. The coding stuffs are now to make the game more interactive. When you use an element, the screen changes, making the player aware of what element he is using right now. Adding sounds adds a lot of gameplay awareness for the players.

Yggdrasil PostProcessEffects (WIP)


After a lot of work on story, gameplay and concepts, it is time to show you more about the game. This website has a very simple aim : developing the game background. So you can learn more about Little God, his quest and the worlds he will discover.

This website has to be complementary with the ModDB profile. At this moment, the website is not very full of information. But stay tuned !

Here is the url :



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going to keep track of this, is looking really exciting and innovative
Great word dudes!

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