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sorry not to write details update info for long time so provides the update info from alpha v0.4-0.802.

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sorry not to write details update info for long time so provides the update info from alpha v0.4-0.802

modv0.802 patch (let the same name file covers V0.8) changes:

1. Fix the problem of the color returning to normal after the gas gathering effect is turned off and restarted due to the rewriting of character code.

2. Adjust the combat behavior of ordinary test units.

3. The battle setting interface is adjusted from T key to zero key on the keyboard, and the interface is slightly changed. Among them, the music playing setting is changed to play the previous music, the next music, the first music and the last music to freely adjust the BGM.

4. Adjust the setting interface slightly.

5. Adjust the sky ball slightly.

6. Reserve some scene files for the martial arts club and the plot.

7. At present, player's health clearing will lead to forced drop from the air and animation, and hard until the animation is completed.

8. Adjust the launching position of the player's small air bomb to avoid hitting him as soon as he gets out.

9. Add Longzhu items. At present, the equipment extraction in the encampment interface can only extract Longzhu items, and can't extract them repeatedly.

10. Create a new BRF independently for the model involved in the new dialogue system

11. Brolli's storm gas model expanded 1.5 times.

12. Adjustment, optimization and simplification of other codes.

Demo V0.8 update content:

1. Continue to correct the problem of some scene map UV inversion

2. Reset the character model settings and related codes, delete part of the character transformation model which is not different from the ontology, and use other forms to reduce the burden of the system and make room for continuous updating. At present, in addition to bejita and monkey fan, these two people can use additional characters bejit and browley by pressing m respectively. After using these two people, they must exit and re-enter before they can switch back to the default character.

3. Adjust the configuration of each part of the field soldiers and the amount of brush.

4. Turn down the font of combat scanner, the enemy target lock circle will not be visible when moving.

5. Distinguish the voice of controllable characters more carefully, and add new voice of transformation, attack and death for different characters.

6. The player model will turn into a small spaceship when the big map r has a rest. Z can be transformed on the big map. The character form of the big map is no longer determined by the transformation state after the last scene quits. Now, after re entering the scene, the character will enter in the original form.

Demo v0.730 update content:

1. Update the camping interface system, sign in rewards and draw cards

2. Some model maps are adjusted incorrectly

Demo v0.721 content:

1. Restore the bejit character, fight in bejita state, press m to switch to super bejit,

2. Change the burst effect,

3. Increase the collision between Dragon Ball characters and battle group characters to cancel the model wearing.

4. It can be triggered at the moment of catching people instead of hitting people around, and ensure that the person who is thrown will not die before throwing out.

5. The clothing changes of Saiya common arms.

Demo v0.710 content:

1. Add a combo. When you are flying and press w to fly forward, you will chase the unit that has been hit in the air. Press the right mouse button at the same time, and make sure that when you reach the judging distance, W and the right mouse button will not release, then you will continue to attack the enemy and push the enemy forward synchronously with yourself, Until you release a decision key or press the decision key of other behaviors, or you are close to the obstacles in front, or you reach the highest combo 9hits (you have a certain chance to reset combo and continue again), this combo will be interrupted, and the enemy will eventually fly out or fall on the obstacles in the rear. In particular, if the back is the boundary of the whole map, people will continue to press on the transparent wall.

2. Simplify part of the code to improve the efficiency.

3. Adjust a series of areas that need to judge the obstacles, including flying. The main purpose is to avoid the original high-rise building, which is a vertical plane obstacle, easy to cause people to fly into the building.

4. The avatars of dynamic characters in the status bar will be distinguished according to the characters, and they will no longer share the same one. The aiming target in combat effectiveness scanner is adjusted to bust.

5. Add the initial state of the starting character and the cycle action of flight stop used after the transformation, which was originally locked in a certain frame.

6. Adjust the logic of the manual control track wave (adjust according to whether the track is displayed in the T interface). Now using the wave with controllable track direction for many times will no longer cause irreversible system burden, but there is an upper limit of the track length. There is no upper limit of the track length if there is no track wave, no obstacles or manual detonation.

7. Adjust the hero AI test of the encampment interface. Due to some parameter adjustment in the last version, it is unable to enter normally.

8. Adjust map material and some sky balls.

9. Remove the temporary unused strongholds on the big map


Demo v0.7 content:

1. Delete about 1.6G of character models and map models that have not yet been applied in code or are blocked for use, and temporarily save them for backup. Reduce the size of the mod and update the backup later.The overall upload on the one hand is the version number every 0.1 to pass a whole to avoid patch finishing omissions, on the one hand obsessive-compulsive disorder just want to backup "full corpse".

2. Fixed an issue where the collision check failed to transfer to the highest ground point (z=10000000) or fall to the ground when encountering some small gaps and cracks in the battle map. This issue also solved the problem of too slow flight switching when walking away from cliff terrain and falling to too much vertical height.

3. Fixed some maps with logo stickers upside down (for others, check which is which)

4. Tentatively added sky balls to Dragon Ball scenes where sky balls were not added (it will be adjusted later according to scene features)

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- the following v0.6 content, above v0.7 content -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -

Patch 0.6996 content (directly overlay V0.68 demo) :

1. Add a background box to the character information text in the Settings menu of the Camp interface to avoid confusion.

2. Refined gigantopithecus block, the actions of players great apes are fast moving impact the body on the bounce off damage from the earthquake playing against vibration and stop movement (in cases where the original average size of the unit is being hit by a player open), conventional slow moving close to the great apes are suspended the direction (with the original unit mechanism normal size).

3. Increase the effect of wavy animation set gas under different character forms.

4. Adjustment to spawn and initialization code of player damage agent.

0.6994 patch content (directly overlay V0.68 demo) :

1. Added Saiyan giant ape troop to test. It can be encountered in random battle group scene and Saiyan city scene. The character of this troop is 3 times higher than that of other units.

2. Fixed an issue where one of the two random scenes in Shalu failed to make a ground reference point judgment, causing the unit to fail to spawn the scene.

3. Add a lower limit to the player's attack range.

0.6992 patch content (directly overlay V0.68 demo) :

1. Transient is set to V + WASD/R/Left Ctrl, which allows continuous transient (previously, only long pressing V + to click WASD/R/Left Ctrl, and reverse pressing will cause a pause bug).

2. Adjust the Z value of the spawn point so that the spawn in the glacier scene is not underground;Adjust the scene coordinates of namek.

3. There will now be two random scenes when entering the Shalu game, one with a Budo venue and one without.

4. Fixed a bug where pressing other action keys (WASDHYF, etc.) while pressing left and right buttons together would cause the dumping action to stop but the dumped person would stick to the player and not throw.

5. Some large map ICONS have been resized, and the scene size of Turtle Fairies House has been reduced by 1/2.

6. Some map passage errors were fixed, as well as the inverted UV map of the logo magazine poster in the scene of Turtle Fairies House and Artificial Human Base.

(Unlink, included in v0.6992 patch)

1. Six scenes have been added: Shalu game/Kamei's Island/Artificial Man (16/17/18) Birth Lab/Mechanical Flytha Earth landing point/North Pranus/Glacier, some maps are wrong, will be adjusted in the future.

2. Synchronized update of map ICONS in new scenes to reduce the number of wild soldiers (the effect is still temporarily just to decorate the map and view the map ICONS of different characters)

3. Now the teleportation does not go through the wall, and has the same displacement correction as the normal movement, that is, there is an additional displacement correction to get off the surface of the obstacle along the obstacle in the other direction. When the highest point of the obstacle is closer to the end point of the teleportation of the player below, the player will teleport directly to this high point.

4. Fixed an issue where the launch point was locked when determining the launch point coordinates in Hero AI test on the encamping interface

5..Now indoors, player W moving forward no longer triggers a displacement correction along the obstacle hitting the surface. Move directly to a halt. Turn your view or move in another direction away from the obstacle.

0.695patch content:

1. Now the teleportation will not go through the wall, and it has the same displacement correction as the normal movement, that is, there is an additional displacement correction to get off the surface of the obstacle along the obstacle in the other direction. When the highest point of the obstacle is closer to the end point of the teleportation of the player below, the player will teleport directly to this high point.

2. Fixed an issue where the launch point was locked when determining the launch point coordinates in Hero AI test on the encamping interface

3. Now indoors, player W moving forward will no longer trigger displacement correction along the obstacle hitting the surface, and will stop moving directly. Turn your view or move in another direction away from the obstacle.

0.694patch content:

1. Solved the bug that a regular soldier who takes multiple consecutive damage hits and falls to the ground has a chance to not recover from the hard straighten.

2. Adjust the opening Settings to restore the opening character Settings from the past deletion, and set the opening character image.

3. Fix for Vegeta, Minecraft and Random Warband scenes where soldiers were not initialized due to some judgment and many people ran out of the scene.

4. Adjusted an issue where an attack action was missing due to a typo in a random sequence.

5. Locked normal units now lose their lock status if they die.

6. Adjusted the mechanics of damage and location agents (not explained, later).

7. Added two scenes: Excalibur draws sword and Vegeta's city part, and removed trees from Namek.

Update v0.68:

1. Added Dragon Queen to the animation

2. The combat power scanner is initially installed. After being attacked, the enemy will attach a lock box. If the lock box is within the viewing Angle, it can display the name of the enemy's unit, the current health percentage and the current combat power.

Add a random sequence of wild encounters to the three city scenes that were added to regular combat.

4. Transfer the original hero AI to the camp setting interface for testing. The hero and pawn tests cannot coexist, and one of them must erase the other.

5. Minimize the player's Hitbox

6. Adjust the position of some initialized objects, and fix the failure of effects such as strike flying in the original battle group test (there is an icon on the big map that changes and is the battle group icon, enter the random battle group scene > to add the original battle group scene large air bomb to detect the explosion near the ground).

Door2 DDS dxt5→dxt3) Part of the texture UI, such as the lock box details, has been clarified

8. Fixed the mass explosion and blast reaction of large aero shells, and linked the health damage of normal units to the player to the UI.

9. Passing damage with another auxiliary unit is now back to the player

Dragon Ball V0.65 Update:

1. Adjusted the hit range and the block range of others when moving slowly. Sling now causes a hit to others touched by the sling unit.

2. Add the combat sound effects of Monkey King

3. To temporarily remove the Hero AI and add normal units similar to the Wargroup character mechanism, which are Battle 5 and 5 members of the Kenuit clan, as well as Barbiti's minions and other members of the Saiyas.

4. Ordinary units will have an additional sight frame after being hit or slung. Press G to switch the lock mode and then press W to fly, just like for hero AI, to lock the sprint and facilitate continuous air attack and fly.

5. Cancels all enemy units from being invincible and can now be killed.

6. Remove fonts and entry points combined with multiple large map scenes

7. There is a female dragon king in the wishing scene on the big map.

8. Updated the city icon on the big map

9. Added a scene (Minecraft scene)

10, Story and Settings screen scenes to join the regular combat.

11. Add a large map scene to randomize the original group scene.

12. The scene collision when the adjusted part falls to the ground.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- the following v0.5 content, above v0.6 content -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -

Dragon Ball V0.5 Update Content:

Increase the initial production Settings interface, according to the camp, you can preview the vegeta gohan Monkey King tran, franklin transformation and the task of the 18 characters by mode of all the action (the so-called task model figure that conversation to figure into the city leading task to reduce the burden and to make cuts to do animation after another people) switch state and character preview can play the corresponding sound.The live-fire player controlled character from five to two, namely vegeta and gohan, discretionary set after the player which can unlock control as vegeta partners, set up the interface must be show off button to exit and must be under the condition of the preview gohan or vegeta can exit, so the preview when other people want to quit please preview gohan or vegeta back.

Fixed the bug where the variable was not defined, which resulted in the failure of character switching by pressing T and the failure of aiming symbol. The position of character switching by pressing T was adjusted to the position before the switch (because the scene needed to be refreshed).

Cancel the M Refresh button to switch characters.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- the following v0.4 content, above v0.5 content -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -

Dragon Ball V0.464

Fixed an issue where the drama battle mode (before production started) switched to normal combat mode by pressing M.

Fixed an issue where clicking M in normal combat mode could not cut people.

Fixed bug MC-117421 - The first time you press E on the Burst is now normal blue when you re-enter the scene in Transformers.

Adjusted the trajectory of normal units when they hit the top of the parabola, to reduce the problem of stationary units when they hit the air.

Dragon Ball V0.462

Main points:

Due to the incorrect tag setting, the scene will be affected by the lighting and will be hit by the prince's qigong smash scene.

- repair

The prince's air projectile will be changed from projectile type to projectile type to solve the problem that qigong projectile will not disappear when it appears at the hit point.

Ready to fix the issue where the prince can only shoot flat.-- Now press left Alt to change body rotation to change the direction of the prince's air projectile.

Before the Dragon Ball people did not do a good job of the attack system of the characters, ready to add to the character hit fly to the obstacle movement of the obstacles to judge and Dragon Ball people to the collision of the people and join the people of the Jilting.

- left + right near the chapter to the trigger to jilt, increase slow moving state of the chapter figures of dragon ball collision block of the characters, and high-speed mobile condition can directly will move in the direction of the chapter figures flying to mobile direction at this time and can attack is high speed movement to the chapter near instantaneous characters can cause two different mechanisms of injury.

It was found that the mountblade UI had not cut itself for a long time and was misplaced after an update. It is ready to be fixed.

- repair

Get ready to optimize the text.

-- Rough it up a little


Due to the former version

The animation sequence has been adjusted so that Bardack does not have a combo count problem

- repair

Fix for previous versions

Fixed bug MC-111111 - Animation sequence adjustment caused the skill bar to inaccurately switch between melee and skill states

Dragon Ball V0.46 Update:

Modified: Fixed an issue where the animation sequence didn't match the action event in the animation control after Bardack updated the animation model.

Cancel alternative (it is troublesome to update and adjust each time, and it will be provided after stability),

Added a new transient effect with multiple vertical lines.

Zoom out.

Fixed bug MC-115716 - Incorrect location of attack effects.

Melee modification Settings do not show AI lock boxes.

Reduced AI active mid-air detonating Qigong time and random time, it is suggested that AI Qigong manual left Alt detonating, because there is no obstacle in front of AI will release wave for a long time.

Increased the ability for players to attack enemies and cause them to explode with qigong.

Added Brogley's animation model, but not put into use.

All music installed, now all for the dragon ball style music (before not all Settings, only put all music files).

Set the spawn position rule of switching character system. Switched character will be in the position of the previous character and will not return to the default initial position. However, when TAB exits and reenters the scene, it will return to the default initial position (5000,8000,25000) coordinates.

Test AI changed to frissa form 4

-------- September 2020 --------

Relevant amendments:

- Fixed the effect loss of King Boxing and the misalignment of K frames in Sbuugohan animation (10 frames less than Sbuu, which caused the mismatch between the action and the event when using a common action control code)

The original is also an option, and a new is added as a medium option, allowing only Monkey and Vegeta to have character strokes.

I just found that Bardak's animation sequence in the plot scene was set wrong, which caused Bardak's animation to be inconsistent with the action event. I will change it later.

0.45 Demo Related Modifications:

Deleted Liu Xiao Ling Tong, Steve has nothing to do with the characters, and added the character experiment that the player can switch control (the current switchable control characters include Vegeta, Vegit, Buo, Freisha, Sun Wufan their normal and a certain order of transformation, press M to switch directly or press T to switch interface).

Resetting the animation sequence (so you have to upload the entire mod file again) to remove unwanted animations to make room for the stroke system. There are currently three modules available, using partial character strokes by default, configuring for full character strokes, and for no strokes.

Previous patches for other characters are no longer applicable to the replacement method, will be considered in the future.

-------- August 2020 --------

V0.412 patch:

Overwrite the Misson Temple file in V0.41, fix the bug where you can't attack civilians and use Prince's War while in advanced form, and you can fly below the ground.

0.413 patch address:

Modified the collision detection data when the character is shrunk by 1/4 to reduce the determination time.

Fixed a bug that could trigger the Qigong Accumulator Bar by pressing F when collecting air in flight.

Split Fraser's Stroke model and the ontology model to different BRF.

Modify qigong set and effect: the default Settings or press the t key qigong of interface in choosing qigong track, cancel its Angle of shaking of qigong play track changes, increase with the original qigong rail set different mechanism of effect of qigong trajectory, ai additional sustained release when firing gas elastic wave effect, but still remind don't after press t qigong track display interface of choice.Removed qigong bombs exploding when close to the ground


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