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This is a list of the planets I will use in the mod.

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This is the final list, I dont think I will add any planets as they are already 116 planets and I dont know if the game will support those already, well lets start:

  1. Abregado Rae.
  2. Aeten II.
  3. Agamar.
  4. Alderaan.
  5. Alzoc III.
  6. Anaxes.
  7. Antar.
  8. Aridus.
  9. Arkania.
  10. Atzerri.
  11. Bakura.
  12. Balmorra.
  13. Bespin.
  14. Bestine IV.
  15. Bilbringi.
  16. Bannistar Station.
  17. Bonadan.
  18. Borleias.
  19. Borosk.
  20. Bothawui.
  21. Boz Pity.
  22. Brentaal.
  23. Byss.
  24. Carida.
  25. Cato Neimodia.
  26. Christophsis.
  27. Ciutric IV.
  28. Commenor.
  29. Concord Dawn (I still dont know if the Legends or Rebels version)
  30. Corellia.
  31. Corulag.
  32. Coruscant.
  33. Dagobah.
  34. Dantooine.
  35. Dathomir.
  36. Denon.
  37. Duro.
  38. Endor.
  39. Eriadu.
  40. Er´Kit.
  41. Etti IV.
  42. Falleen.
  43. Felucia.
  44. Fest.
  45. Fondor.
  46. Fresia.
  47. Gamorr.
  48. Geonosis.
  49. Ghorman.
  50. Honoghr.
  51. Hoth.
  52. Hypori.
  53. Ilum.
  54. Iridonia.
  55. Ithor.
  56. Jabiim.
  57. Jakku.
  58. Kamino.
  59. Kashyyyk.
  60. Kessel (As same as Concord Dawn, Legends or Rebels version)
  61. Korriban.
  62. Kothlis.
  63. Kuat.
  64. Lothal.
  65. Malastare.
  66. Manaan.
  67. Mandalore.
  68. Mon Calamari.
  69. Murkhana.
  70. Mustafar.
  71. Muunilinst.
  72. Mygeeto.
  73. Myrkr.
  74. Naboo.
  75. Nal Hutta.
  76. Nar Shaddaa.
  77. Onderon.
  78. Ord Biniir.
  79. Ord Mantell.
  80. Polus.
  81. Qat Chrystac.
  82. Ralltiir.
  83. Rattatak.
  84. Raxus Prime.
  85. Rendili.
  86. Rhen Var.
  87. Riflor.
  88. Roche Asteroids.
  89. Rodia.
  90. Rothana.
  91. Ryloth.
  92. Saleucami.
  93. Sarapin.
  94. Scarif.
  95. Shola.
  96. Sluis Van.
  97. Sullust.
  98. Taanab.
  99. Taris.
  100. Tatooine.
  101. Telos.
  102. The Maw.
  103. The Wheel.
  104. Thyferra.
  105. Toydaria.
  106. Trandosha.
  107. Tynna.
  108. Utapau.
  109. Vjun.
  110. Vergesso Asteroids.
  111. Wayland.
  112. Yaga Minor.
  113. Yag´Dhul.
  114. Yavin.
  115. Yinchorr.
  116. Ylesia.

There will be some planets that may not be in the first release because of lack of maps, I want to make them the more unique posible, and if I cant then they will not be in until I can.


Looking very promising Nkorn! Should do the Legends Kessel, and its Ciutric IV ;)

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nkorn Author

Thanks Delta ;) Ohh I will fix it, thanks again :)

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Ew don't use the rebels ver of any planet. Go with the EU all day!
-Kyle katarn yvaw team and professional hater of Disney universe

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nkorn Author

What a great presentation :) Ok I will keep the EU versions

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No! Use canon! E.U. doesn't include any of the clone wars versions or Rebels which are actually detailed and better than the contradictory E.U.!

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nkorn Author

CloneCommanderDeviss I´m not really sure what you mean, could you explain?

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For Kessel, the rebels version of the planet had strategic advances. For example, AT walkers would be highly effective as well would gunships be.

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nkorn Author

CloneCommanderDeviss Why would you need AT-ATs on a potato shaped planet mining-prison complex? Gunships can fly whenever they want, its not like there´s something special on Kessel. Kessel should be a more infantry oriented map either way.

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I never said AT-AT. I meant as in AT-ST

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nkorn Author

Either way, Kessel will remain a asteroid. This was decided since December 11.

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I second what katarn67 said. Kessel in Canon looks like a yellow ball of crap, not the irregular-shaped potato planetoid it's always been.Also, i hope you'll show us the Bannistar Station one day, barely any mods have that location.

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nkorn Author

I wasn´t going to add it, but as I saw it in a galaxy map and remembered I have Rebel One in the mod I thought it would cool to add it. I still dont know how I will make it.

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Actually, your legends "Kessel" is actually the moon of the planet. The Rebels Kessel was designed by Lucas back in '77. Please keep it.

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nkorn Author

"The misshapen, asteroid-shaped planet known as Kessel had a barren, rocky landscape."

Sorry but you're mistaken, that potato we all know is the actual planet Kessel and not a moon.
George Lucas concept was never used until now in Rebels, besides if you look back a bit I already have a model prepared to be Kessel.

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I want to try making some of the maps but my map editor keeps crashing and a message pops up saying "An exception has occurred. See _logfile.txt and _except.txt for details. Press CANCEL to exit or RETRY to debug". Does anyone know the problem?

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nkorn Author

Are you trying to do it with a mod? That has to do with one of the XML, is very random which one.

At least that´s what happens to me.

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Just deleted all mods, uninstalled and reinstalled EAW and FOC. Same result. Don't know why it's happening either, the map editor was working just fine before I installed AoTR about a month back.

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Are you guys busy with anything right now? I got the map editor working and now I'm about a quarter done with the Rodia map.

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What about Pantora?

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Another planet you can add is Umbara

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nkorn Author

Maybe in later versions but for the first one I dont think so. Thanks for your suggestion.

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