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It has been 2 months since the last Lips of Suna release, and the development team has made some great progress bringing about improvements suggested by the community.

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And, now for something completely different.

Fighting Tutorial

Well, maybe not /that/ different.

For those of you who have been following the project, LoS has had monthly releases since January. This summer we skipped a release month, but never stopped working, so there's a whole bunch of goodies in this XXL release-bag.

If you look at our forums, you'll see some feedback posts. Most of those points has been addressed. Of course, this is only possible because of the relatively small amount of requests, so, seriously, play the game, and leave feedback, and we will tackle it.
Some snippets of what we've added:

* New starting area with tutorial quests.

* New melee combat system with multiple attack moves.

* New NPC dialog system.

* Worksafe graphics mode.

* More flexible character creation.

* Improved player model.

* Improved character physics.

* Improvements to existing quests and work on some new quests.

* Simple map screen and location discovery.

* Options for mouse inverting and disabling mouse smoothing.

* Better character animation when moving and attacking simultaneously.

* New books: Arura Research Diary, The Sealed Library.

* New items: halberd, spear, cure disease potion, etc.

* New spells: home, magic missile.

Map View

The list really doesn't do justice to the difference there is in gameplay, it's tonnes faster and more action packed, all we're lacking is content. So any quest writers or mappers or character modelers, please step up, pop in our IRC channel or forums, and we'll reign you in to contribute further to the most complete 3d first person open source RPG out there ;)
Download it here:
Windows binary 0.5.0
Linux/Windows Source code 0.5.0
Ubuntu PPA

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