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Creating levels around the core concept of Stranger on the 103rd Floor and linking objects together for chain reactions!

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Stranger on the 103rd Floor is a stealth game with a strong emphasis on using and customizing gadgets to pull of the perfect heist. Over the last few weeks, I've been creating level ideas to take advantage of these gadget possibilities. I also created a new linking system which enables you to chain objects together so they detonate one after each other, allowing for some very well executed plans. The below image is one example of this:

Chaining objects in game

Here I have customized a stun grenade with both a timer and "sticky" material. This means the grenade will stick to walls and only detonate when the timer reaches zero. I have also customized an EMP grenade with the same sticky material. I first fire the stun grenade at the enemy and then the EMP at the laser. The linking system automatically links these objects together so once the stun grenade timer reaches zero, it detonates and knocks out the enemy. The EMP is then triggered because of the link, and shuts off the laser, gives the player enough time to get through the area without being spotted by the enemy or triggering any alarms!

Below is another example of a timed smoke grenade, linked to a timed explosive. The explosive timer only starts once the smoke timer has completed. This type of system allows for a lot of different item combinations and multiple ways to approach each situation!

Another example of chaining items

Apart from all this, I've also added some new explosion effects!


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