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Link-Dead technology test is finally here on time and I welcome all to participate in testing.

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Link-Dead technology test is finally here on time and I welcome all to participate in testing. I want to test mainly video compatibility. Detect what doesn't work or shows incorrectly and performance on other peoples computers. So when the proper release is here we can all enjoy it without glitches. Besides that if all works you can test playing a gostek in Link-Dead. I made a special climbing map just for this test. Try to get across the whole map and collect all red glowing artifacts.


If you get to the end artifact (on top of the small building), post a bug report [f5] with your nick and I'll think of a prize later for everyone that has completed the test.
Link-Dead Technology Test features

  • complete map movement with climbing
  • full animations
  • shooting and effects
  • dust processor effects on bullet hit
  • collision and physics
  • particle system and effects
  • bug reporter integrated with TwitPic
  • auto-updater
  • pixel shader normal mapped lighting with shadows
  • shadows and lighting without pixel shader for low-end gfx
  • map rendered procedurally from bitmap sketch
  • 3d sound effects
  • fullscreen smoothening shader
  • hanging lights
  • context menu GUI
  • Twitter news

What to report?
- Most of all tell me if it doesn't work at all
- Second if something works really badly. See the screenshot above for reference. It will look more flat if your video card doesn't support pixel shaders.
- Flashlight is seen only against walls and dust. If the lights don't show there report.
- If you have slow FPS (smaller than 30) please send a bug report (F5) so I can see your hardware
- Gameplay bugs
- Difficulty with controls
- What you like most
Please check the console (~ key) for errors and the Logs/app.txt and Logs/console.txt for errors.

When it doesn't work
As always be sure to have the latest video drivers installed. You should probably go to the ATi or NVidia homepage for that. If the auto-updater works correctly releases should be frequent. But I have to know what to fix. If something doesn't work please describe as best as you can the problem and attach screenshots (if you can't use the in-game reporting).

Some things that might help:
Open the config /Base/Scripts/
set the following vars:

If graphics don't work or are really slow:

v_useshaders 0
v_savememory 1

If sound makes the game unplayable:
s_soundon 0
Switching to windowed mode might help:
v_fullscreen 0

Note: loading for the first time may take up to a minute (I haven't optimized the ambient lighting calculation) (7.85MB) Come back later for updates. You should subscribe to my blog and Link-Dead media pages. Also follow the in-game news.
And most of all tell me if you enjoyed it!

Have fun!


Hey, wanted to try it out but despite your profile stating the game coming out for win/linux/mac the download is windows only.

You should have mention that in the news post :)

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Played through it a couple of times, the engine works very well.. I had only one or two bugs related to the stairs. After getting used to the controls, movement felt very intuitive despite not being fluid. Graphically everything seemed to be fine, and it was perfectly stable with alt-tabbing.

Very, very impressive.

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Michal.Marcinkowski Author

Great thanks.
Sorry windows only for now.

What do you mean by movement not being fluid?

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I couldn't get this to run at all, I took a screenshot with the errors.

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Michal.Marcinkowski Author

That might be the auto-update getting a weird version. Try downloading this and starting again.

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This time it worked! Got stuck in the floor near the end though, sent in a bug report.

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