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I wasn't intending on creating a level editor in this, but threw one together from scratch and it has turned out great...

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So I have taken quite a break from the story mode of the game, and was working on a level editor. This was not intended to be in the game, but figured it needed one, and was the perfect oppurtunity to present a huge improvement over the original.

At the moment, there is so much more you can do - you can place walls, floors, rooves, blocks with almost any texture in the game, at any height, width, length, etc., create many props such as trees, crates, boulders, barrells, etc., people with or without any block of text you enter, with a huge amount of different skins, enemies, allies, spawners, guns, and more! You can even place triggers which can display text, create objects, or set off other nearby triggers. There are also tabs which allow you to modify starting ammo for all guns and equipment, HP/AP, the game mode, which determines how the level is completed (reach the goal, kill all enemies, rescue all NPCs, capture all nodes), the skybox, music that plays, and even the weather/season. This adds up to a huge amount of variety and imagination that can be integrated!

Even better, is the fact that you can throw a quality level together in just a few minutes! Because of this, I am hoping to post many levels for download, by the community, for the community! I am trying to iron out the last few bugs, and finish the editor, but for now, I must finish the story and then focus on the editor.


In game:


how can i use a level editor

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hatonacat Author

You just pick stuff, and place stuff... the basics are self explanatory, however, some other things I will probably provide easy tutorials and manuals on - for the more serious fans. As of now, the editor is not user friendly, but it is far from complete, and I will try to make it more so. Ease of use is a priority and is definitely present. But like I said, I want to finish the story, then complete this addition.

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Amazing job, a very worthwhile break. Can You please have a gun editor as well!? maybe even an enemy maker? After you've completed the story of coourse.

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