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Check out our new mode TODAY on Steam! Design and share levels with friends!

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Hey everyone,

Last week we posted about some changes in the game. This week we are announcing our LEVEL EDITOR mode on STEAM with the Steam workshop integration.

Level EDITOR PR steam

Check out our new trailer about the mode right here:

In this new mode you can design your own levels, whether it’s a puzzle, a platforming or even just a random level, you can share it with the community on Steam Workshop in one click.


Another thing I promised to talk about last week is the JAMMER VFX explosion when it is getting destroyed. Louis worked hard on this and came up with this first pass here.

2018 05 31 13 30 49

So as you can see, when the jammer is going to get destroyed, we are going to have a nice effect that shows the destruction and a sound effect we are working on. I might share the final result with sound on a later video next wee

So stay tuned for that.

Community spotlight

Obviously we just launched the editor so there are not a ton of levels to choose from yet. But still, for this week’s spotlight, I chose this GIF


And this level on the Steam Workshop:

Ok, I’m a bit biased because this level is from our programmer, but still a great level!

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