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Status Update - Currently waiting on Apple review.

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Hey everyone, I wanted to give you all an update. Unfortunately, due to some technical difficulties, there will not be a public beta available. However, we have uploaded to Apple and are awaiting their review. If all goes well, the app will go live in the App Store on December 8.

We have chosen to deploy only on iOS 7+ devices as the operating system has pretty good adoption rates now, and that number will only grow. LoM uses upwards of 200MB of memory at times, and all iOS 7 capable devices have at least 512MB, so iOS 7 also ensures that the game isn’t launched on insufficient hardware. The iPhone 4 seems to suffer low frame rates though so we may remove support for this device as the graphics chip is just a bit underpowered for the Retina display. It will currently run on an iPhone 4, but as we add more, the iPhone 4S and iPad 2/Mini 1 will be the baselines for testing.

The apps status is currently “Waiting For Review” on iTunes Connect, I will keep you posted.

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